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    We performed several player investigations this week and handled staff complaints.

    Quest This week Quest worked on supporting the players in the Ezekiel quests. This was done by resolving tickets, patching bugs in quests, and guiding new players in Silverwind. Additionally, Ezekiel mobs were updated this week. Quest is working on daily repeatable quests for 1.17 item acquisition.
    • Derpadillo updated Ezekiel mobs and patched Ezekiel quest code. Bug fixing.
    • Iyyiushi aided players, and wrote code for [REDACTED].

    This week, the Game department has been hard at work on the following projects:
    1. The Winter War PvP Tournament is nearly upon us! Join us next Saturday and Sunday! You can read details here:
    2. We are hard at work at getting more 1.17 blocks into the game. The 1.17 Spelunker Crate is now live in addition to the Shady Merchant, with more options coming soon! Stay tuned for future announcements.
    3. Amynanth, the Essa spawn, is receiving further upgrades, especially to the docks area this week.
    4. From Tech - Candles can now be /colored (added a few days ago)
      From Game & Lore - The Rentals page on our website has been updated:
      From Game - The PVP page on our website has been updated:
    5. As usual, we assisted the playerbase by answering help chats, enforcing the rules and completing 60+ tickets.
    • BlueChaos worked on MythicMobs and assisted players.
    • Effloresce_ assisted players.
    • Fiend_of_Massive worked on the Essa spawn remaster and assisted players.
    • NjMcr assisted players.
    • Rahm_Kota helped with the 1.17 Spelunker Crate and assisted players.
    • Sevak updated the PvP scoreboard and assisted players.
    • skhosh assisted players.
    • qgmk aided players, handled appeals, investigated players, and updated the Main Website.

    Business as usual for PR!
    The social medias are being upkept, some discord events have been hosted and some internal pr work is going on.
    • Obilvaify: worked on PR for the ongoing Ezekiel Incursion, Qadir Release, and MassiveCraft's update to 1.17. (last week) and this week, did announcements for The Winter War PVP tournament and initiated a meme competition in the factions discord.
    • soulemate: social media upkeep and finished up secret Santa last week.
    • FlossyBerryRene: edited some screenshots.
    • Slurmancer: did some PMC upkeep, minor QoL updates, modernized the page to be more attractive to new players.
    • Goldifish: hosted a study night in the RP discord!
    • indyfan: worked on an upcoming contest.

    World The last weeks have been focused on constructing the new noble city housing in Regalia. Two housing 'clusters' have been constructed, and more are on the way. World has also removed all the snow from Regalia, with efforts still going towards the last bit of clean-up. Day-to-day tasks have not been neglected either, with event assistance and mainstreet decoration taking up World's remaining time.
    • Monmarty: Got rid of all the wheat fields outside the city, and has been working on constructing the houses for the clusters.
    • WaterDruppel: Helped with some of the cluster construction, decorated the garden of the first two clusters and worked on the interior of the houses.
    • SpunSugar: Focused on several event assistance requests, as well as removing the snow from the countryside estates and replanting all the crops and gardens.
    • Bunemma: Did the interior for several shop regions in Regalia, also worked on the first cluster garden and worked on the interior of the noble housing.
    • Patsie: Constructed the Crookback Gatehouse on both sides and decorated the interior with the necessary rooms.

    Changelog Unavailable.

    Changelog Unavailable.


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