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    The New Crookback has plenty of lovely shops, and spaces to relax! Just keep an eye on our purse strings...

    This week, Direction focused on maintaining current staff systems.
    • LumosJared focused on Individual Direction and HR, the new Spawn Districts, and a new Crate system.
    • MonMarty worked primarily on the Progression systems, Individual Direction, HR, Financial paperwork, and the New Crookback implementation!
    This week, Game made strides to improve TPS in Essalonia. We are very thankful to Erickilla, Lumina, Intenius, Deldrimor, and TwoChromosomes for being willing to reduce the number of tile entities in their claims. We will continue to reach out to faction owners who have excessive amounts.

    Our Server Administrator, CS_Birb, is looking to set aside the several hours required to set up and place the Essalonia world on the new, higher-quality machine sometime during the coming weekend!

    MCMMO Acrobatics Dodge has been changed. The maximum chance to dodge a hit remains 20%, but this maximum is unlocked at level 500 now rather than 1000 (Leveling past 500 will not increase your dodge chance). The dodge itself used to remove 1/2 of the damage done to you, but now it removes 1/4. The Roll and Graceful Roll abilities in Acrobatics have not been touched and still max out at level 1000.

    MassiveVillagers is still on hold for release until we can successfully allow Pillager raids to occur in claimed land.

    We are nearly finished creating the MythicMob which will drop Netherite in /tp nether. Additionally, Tech is working on disabling the high knockback-resistance Netherite Armor grants the wearer. All other aspects of Netherite Armor will be unchanged.

    We are continuing to test and debug Kingdoms on our test server. Start reaching out to factions who you want to form a Kingdom with!

    The KitPVP rework with the McDuels plugin requires some Tech work before it will be released as well.
    • BlueChaos aided players, catagorized mythic mobs used in different situations, tested MassiveVillagers, and hosted events.
    • QGMK aided players, assisted players with reducing the number of tile entities in their factions, tested Kingdoms, and trained Rank 2 Game Staff.
    • skhosh answered helpchats, aided players, and hosted events.
    • Effloresce_ aided players, tested Kingdoms, and created a document for the Factions Tutorial rework.
    • Sweet_Dreams aided players, hosted events, and created a blueprint for the Factions Tutorial rework.
    • Sir_Daragon aided players, created and tested MythicMobs, and trained Aspirant Game Staff members.
    • Sevak answered help chats and created an event guide for Red Rover.
    This week world started and finished some big projects, including re-decorating the space in front of the cathedral to cater to new players, a secret project that’ll come to light soon, and the implementation of New Crookback, alongside various other smaller projects. To check out the new district, head to /tp crookback.
    • SpunSugar finished up the Telarel estate, added the new crook back regions to their proper groups, and cleaned up existing crookback to match.
    • Bunemma started on the Keen estate decoration, helped WaterDruppel, Patsie and MonMarty with new crookback, finished the new spawn with WaterDruppel, and started on the aforementioned project.
    • Patsie also helped with regioning new crookback and decorating some empty areas, and re-did the clinic at the emporium to match.
    • WaterDruppel helped out with regioning and re-decorating new crookback, worked on the new spawn, finished up the van Hal estate, did the interior of the Sapphire Secrets, and started on the secret project.
    Lore Updates:
    • New Dwarven Update
    • New Crookback Implemented in-game!
    • All rentals are available for 50 regals each per month, there's 100+ of them so there should be enough of them. Athelois will be managing the businesses as per the Crookback Business management. Clandestine bases can also be built underground in New Crookback from now on. The Sewers will remain where they are.
    • Slizzar Ability Update
    World System Updates:
    Event Updates:
    • @Knights with the recent happening in rp, a few small updates/reminders:
    • I have opened up Knight Progression Submissions to allow for contacting Elder Councils directly by Knights. Details are now on the Manual:
    • Per the rules of Honor Duels, if the Knight DM (me) is not tagged when scheduling, the duel will not count towards prestige, and will be treated as just a typical rp happening.
    • Per Regalian Knight Law, only the Lord Chancellor should be reported for any Honor Code violations, and then it is up to the player acting as the Chancellor to do with that information as they wish.
    • To cut out the needless notices for player who do not care about the Knight System, I will begin using #progression-pings going forwards, as this is where all World System announcements should be going. #knights-discussion still remains as the general banter channel for more informal discussions about the system.
    Roleplay Updates:
    • A string of murders play upon rumor within Regalia’s city limits. No further questions or inquiry though citizens grow concerned on when or who might turn up next.
    This week, PR has been working on updating the main website and social media, again, as well as guide creation.
    • Seoulmate has trained other PR staff on the ticket system.
    • Spectec has been helping test Kingdoms and working on a video.
    • Wan_Xia has been trained on the ticket system and has been testing resource pack bugs.
    This week, tech has been working more on optimising the server.
    • Ghirko has been working on MassiveRaces to attempt to make the plugin more customisable from in game, allowing configuration to be made quickly in game instead of relying on Tech to make changes to the plugins code which then needs pushing to the test server then live server.
    • xxxYajRabxxx has been working on Kingdoms and refactoring Factions to be more inclusive of expansion plugins.
    • ItsLateKnight has been looking to resolve some issues causing TPS lag especially in the survival worlds and S3.
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