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    This week, Direction focused on Individual Direction and Paperwork, as well as Staff Apps and Server Emails.
    • LumosJared x5: Individual Direction and Staff Apps.
    • LumosJared x2: Changelog Structure and Paperwork.
    • LumosJared x1: Server Emails.
    This week Game Staff focused primarily on MythicMob additions, Tickets, and Investigations as well as testing some upcoming plugins.
    • Winterless x3: PVP Events.
    • BlueChaos x1: MythicMobs.
    • Conflee x1: Game Project.
    • Jaehaerys x11: Tickets.
    • Takedown_ x6: Tickets, Investigations
    • Falconhand x6: Mobs and Survival Project.
    This week, World Staff focused on Interior work in Regalia, Etosian fixups and a few PVP arenas.
    • Conflee x4: Etosian Map.
    • Bunemma x10: Interior Work.
    • EdnaMode_ x6: Interior Work.
    • WaterDruppel x4: Rental Regions and Interiors.
    • Jaehaerys x5: PVP Arena.
    This week, Lore staff continued steps on the Accountability Project via an updated Roleplay Assembly, lots of Character Sheets, and a new noble rp Adventurer's Guild system. Ways to bridge Survival and Lore were also discussed this week and have resulted in some tentative new projects. Those particurarly interested in the former can reach out in pms to @LumosJared.
    • TheBioverse x5: Character Sheets.
    • HydraLana x55: Lore Writing, Character Sheets, Wiki Management.
    • FireFan96 x16: Processing.
    • Nesstro x12: Character Sheets.
    • LumosJared x12: Lore Writing.
    • Eccetra x10: Discord Tickets.
    • Havsbris_ x6: Character Sheets.
    • Caelamus x14: Character Sheets.
    • Athelois x5: Tickets.
    • Birdsfoot_Violet x25: Character Sheets.
    • BillyTheScroofy x15: Adventurer's Guild.
    • Finlaggan x14: Character Sheets.
    • Carlit0o x8: Character Sheets.
    • WaterDruppel x1: Tickets.
    • BetaInsomnia x10: Character Sheets.
    This week, Quest Staff focused on the upcoming projects, and assisting other departments.
    • Zacatero x6: Assisting other Departments.
    • Derpadillo x7: Various Projects, Pre-Silverwind Planning.
    This week, PR Staff focused on plenty of external announcements and site management.
    • Anarchizm x25: New Players and last weeks points.
    • Seoulmate x4: Weekend Roundup.
    • Ryria x5: PR work.
    • Battlebrawn x5: External PR Sites.
    This week, Tech Staff remained quietly working on the 1.15 pre-structure.
    • CS_Birb x10: 1.15 Pre-Planning.
    • TheComputerGeek x10: 1.15 Pre-Planning.


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