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    This week, Direction focused on Individual Direction, HR, and a few new Systems to be released this week.

    • LumosJared x8: Individidual Direction and HR, and Lore Crates.
    • SpunSugar x7: Individual Direction and HR.
    This week Game focused on 1.13 Testing, Tickets, the Hunt Event, and Ban Appeals. Some structural changes are currently ongoing within the Department as well.
    • Winterless x4: Tickets and The Hunt Event.
    • BlueChaos x3: Tickets.
    • Talantius x1: Testing.
    • JoyShake x4: Morale Upkeep.
    • Lumbo x7: Game Events.
    • Jaehaerys x2: Event Hosting.
    • Sephite x4: Ban Appeals.
    This week, Noble Estates and Regalian Hotspots like the Kathar Cistern dominated the World Staff's time.
    • Pixycandi x4: Drachenburg Estate.
    • SpunSugar x14: Estates and Regalia.
    • Jaehaerys x2: Kathar Cistern.
    • WaterDruppel x5: Event Assistance.
    This week, Lore focused on Character Sheets, an in progress revision to the Storyweb System, and the new Guilds System ran by @Finlaggan, which you can join up with here.

    • TheBioverse x26: Character Sheets, Tickets, Events.
    • Eccetra x5: Lore Tickets.
    • LumosJared x8: Processing, Writing, Progression.
    • Caelamus x10: Lore Tickets.
    • Jonificus x4: Lore Processing.
    • BillyTheScroofy x13: Military Progression DMs.
    • HydraLana x33: Lore Writing.
    • Katiesc x2: Sheets.
    • MantaRey x6: Lore Processing.
    • WrongChat x10: Character Applications.
    • PapidaCarrot x16: Lore Processing and Tickets.
    This week, Quest focused on Dungeons and Testing for Questlines in the Survival worlds.

    • Grumpygirl314 x4: Dungeon Quests.
    • Kniferharm x4: Quests.
    • Derpadillo x5: Dungeons.
    • Talantius x3: Hidden Gem Testing.
    • Falconhand x2: Stage Quests.
    This week, PR primarily focused on External content on PMC and some graphics related work, as well as video projects.

    • Pixycandi x3: 1920's Expansion and Graphics.
    • Anarchizm x10: PR Players.
    • Seoulmate x8: Weekend Roundup.
    • SpunSugar x4: External Docs and Content.
    • Battlebrawn x4: PR Posts.
    This week, Tech Staff focused on 1.13 testing.

    • Spectriel x2: Command Status Doc.
    • Winner Winner x 1


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