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    This week, Direction focused on Individual Direction, HR, and Paperwork.

    • LumosJared x8: Individual Direction, Systems, and Paperwork Redux.
    This week Game focused on 1.13 Testing, various tickets, and War trophies and systems.

    • Doraiky x15: Documentation, Hunt Event.
    • Falconhand x3: Keep and tickets.
    • Dragonn_ x1: Tickets.
    • Pomplemousse x3: Help Chats.
    • Talantius x1: Tickets.
    • Sephite x9: Tutorial.
    • Sir_Daragon x3: Tickets.
    • JoyShake x1: Tickets.
    • Lumbo x9: Moderation.
    • Winterless x2: HelpChats.
    • BlueChaos x1: Tickets.
    This week the 1920's AU dominated the time of world staff, but tickets were also completed and some backlogs were taken in.

    • Pixycandi x2: 1920's Expansion.
    • Waterdruppel x4: Discord tickets.
    • Patsie x7: 1920's AU build and Sanguine Estate.
    • Yigit x4: 1920's AU Build.
    • Jaehaerys x4: World Ticket.
    This week, Lore focused on lore tickets, progressions, and the introduction of new systems.

    • HydraLana x33: Lore Processing and Writing.
    • Eccetra x9: Tickets.
    • Waterdruppel x11: Discord tickets.
    • Carlit0o x18: Sheets.
    • Havsbris_ x10: Sheets.
    • Yigit x11: 1920's Setup.
    • Katiesc x10: Tickets.
    • LumosJared x14: Systems, Sheets.
    • Caelamus x14: Sheets.
    This week, Quest focused on Silverwind tweaks and various coding.

    • Grumpygirl314 x12: Dungeon quest coding, Dynmap hide for new players, and Misc Questie Things.
    • Derpadillo x4: Dungeons.
    • Falconhand x10: Writing Quest code for Cooking, an activity for Essalonia spawn. Also testing and bug fixes for the inital recipies.
    This week, PR worked on the 1920's release and main site updates.

    • Pixycandi x2: 1920's Expansion.
    • Anarchizm x4: New Players.
    • Seoulmate x8: Weekend Roundup.
    • Battlebrawn x6: All External website updates.
    This week, Tech Staff focused on 1.13 testing.

    • RustyTrumbone x5: 1.13 Testing and MassiveHelp.


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    1. ZiHAMMER
    2. Doraiaky
      My name + I got 0 points from what's there

      Looking at the changelogs truly is a sport xD
    3. grizenator
      maybe if you do some work they'll spell your name right
    4. Jalapeno690
      Maybe do some actual game work, instead of roleplay
    5. grizenator
    6. Jalapeno690
    7. Zacatero
      LOL watch out guys they don't like when you point out when they dont do work. It's a sensitive topic to the gamestaff. :P
    8. CnocBride
      Quite frankly, I never gave a shit if a player thought I did no work. The activity log indicated the contrary, as it does for many other staff. Taking one unenthusiastic staff member and using their apathy for painting a picture of the entire staff team/department is very demotivating for some people within the team who are doing actual work.
    9. Zacatero
      LOL we both know there is a lot more than just one. It's intriguing to see who recently got demoted.
    10. CnocBride
      I tendered my resignation. PompleMousse and TinnyTine were dismissed. Doraiaky followed my footsteps and a few others will too, most likely due to time constraints and other personal issues.
    11. Jalapeno690
      Pomple dismissed? Lmao
    12. Zacatero
      Those weren't the ones I was thinking of, but okay...

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