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    Pictured: Two Players Combat-Roleplaying. I mean, PVP'ing.
    This week, Direction focused on Individual Direction and Paperwork, specifically helping out the Game Department better communicate to the player base, and assisting in the training of new aspirants. A few new aspirants were also taken on, and the usual bout of Server Emails, and Project Assigning were completed. Staff is still actively recruiting, so if you are interested in joining Tech, Quest, PR, Game, or World, please apply here!
    • LumosJared x3: Individual Direction and Staff Apps.
    • LumosJared x2: Changelog Structure and Paperwork.
    • LumosJared x2: Staff:Dept Updates and Staff Recruitment.
    • LumosJared x6: New [[Redacted]] for this week's release.
    Game completed another round of races testing this week with the Tech Department. The plugin commands and leveling up system have been 100% configured and tested. The race abilities are 75% configured and tested, so once that is complete, the final step will be balancing. Regarding the new map, Game worked with World and Direction to improve the quality of some bo2s and develop the spawn (in-progress). Our new aspirants underwent initial training, and the usual 28 player tickets, numerous help chats, Essalonia cleanup and restoration, and naughty player investigations were completed. Players can expect parties at Kit PVP and a routine Gauntlet challenge for rewards to arrive on the server as well.
    • NotchyHerobrine x5: Aspirancy Training, Help Chats, Testing.
    • The_Fluorspar x11: Extensive MassiveRaces bug-testing, Tickets, help chat, balancing interviews.
    • QGMK x18: Tickets, Faction Points, Plugin Testing.
    • Takedown x1: Tickets and Meeting.
    • BlueChaos x2: Bo2's.
    • Winterless x6: Afflictions and Misc Work.
    • Sir_Daragon x14: MythicMobs, Game Dept Leadership.
    World were fairly busy this week, preparing for the coming weeks. Various event sites have been worked on, most for events this past week and this next week. A few clandestine bases were spruced up and re-purposed, namely the Kathar estate and the Primalist's cave. Some new assets were built, including bo2's for the future, and some new boats.
    • WaterDruppel x8: Interiors, Drakenhome Builds, etc.
    • Patsie x4: Estates and Interiors.
    • LumosJared x3: Regalia Upkeep and Bo2's.
    • EdnaMode x4: Regalia Rental Decor.
    • SpunSugar x10 Howlester Estate.
    We have added a new rule to the rules page, under "OOC/IC Presence & Nicknames" on afk conduct, names, and so on effective immediately! There is now a CrimeRP channel that can be joined in on the Roleplay Community Discord so hop on in if that floats your boat. Aristocracy is attainable and applicable now within the noble system so check it out in announcements or on the forums thread! To boot we got a shiny new assembly hall for all your noble-governmental based roleplay! The Summer Festival for RP is well on its way as well, there will be more updates on that to come!
    • LumosJared x10: Special Perms, Tickets, Writing.
    • Lumiess x7: Special Perm Reviews.
    • Athelois x8: Tickets.
    • Bellarmina x7: Character Sheets, Tickets, and Perms.
    • OkaDoka x9: Character Sheets and Writing.
    • WaterDruppel x4: Discord Tickets and Lore Processing and Perms.
    • Katiesc x13: Character Sheets.
    • Birdsfoot_Violet x15: Tickets and Perms.
    • Messtro x7: Character Sheets and Calendar Maint.
    • HydraLana x5: Lore Writing.
    • Caelamus x21: Character Sheets.
    • MollyMock x32: Cielothar Rewrite.
    • Fantuinn x22: Character Sheets.
    • Carlit0o x10: Sheets and Roundup.
    • FireFan96 x9: Processing.
    Quest this week focused on quest coding, quest installation and debugging, meetings, and localhost plugin testing. Specifically, Alj23 focused on continued quest coding, along with quest installation and debugging on the test server. Testing of a few plugins was also done on a localhost server, with the intention of creating additional immersion for questing.

    Also, the Quest department is actively recruiting! The Quest department is responsible for the in-game questing experience, which involves writing storylines, transferring storylines into quest code, and then inputting that code in-game for debugging and quality assurance testing. Along the way you'll also create NPCs, WorldGuard regions, MythicMobs, and exciting environments, and overall let your creativity flow. Additional detailed information can be found at . If this sounds interesting to you, we encourage you to consider making an aspirant application here on the forums by visiting the "staff and community feedback" section. You can also contact Alj23 or Derpadillo with specific questions.
    • Derpadillo x2: Quest Writing, Bugfixing, and Dept Leadership.
    • Alj23 x8: Quest Coding and Documentation, and Local Plugin Testing with install functions.
    Alongside screenshots, social media upkeep (Instagram, Facebook, Planetminecraft, ect.), making some graphic design templates, and helping new players on the server this week, PR helped Game Staff write up some important documents for some rule changes regarding god weapons and a post that will clear confusion about the state of Essalonia (post Hadar release). pixYcandi also did some fantastic graphic work for the Hadar screenshot competition and was able to release it on Saturday
    • Hierophant x3: Tickets and Screenshots.
    • Miracle678 x10: Factions Guide and New Player Focus and Testing.
    • Seoulmate x7: Weekend Roundup and Events.
    • FlossyBerryRene x12: Tickets, Twitter, PR Posts, and Misc Tasks.
    • Battlebrawn x3: PMC Upkeep and In-game Screenshots.
    • Cjann x4: Screenshots and assistance to Game Staff.
    This week, tech has been working towards the 1.15 update. CS_Birb has been doing factions 3 development to implement the rank structure into our current plugin as well as working on chest shop to accommodate these changes. FourThirteen has worked on 1.15 configuration and testing with the Game department. ItsLateKnight has fixed a small duplication glitch in vampires where it would duplicate a glass bottle when creating a blood flask. Derpadillo and XxXYaJrAbXxX has been working on MassiveRaces fixing various bugs that were found when the Game department tested the new release of the plugin from earlier this week.
    • XxXYaJrAbXxX x8: MassiveRaces Development.
    • ItsLateKnight x7: See the Full Point Report Below.
    • Derpadillo x4: Tech Races Assistance.
    • CS_Birb x12: Factions, Panel Testing, Etc.
    • FourThirteen x4: Various Projects.

    ItsLateKnight's Full Point Report.


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