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    This week, Direction focused on Individual Direction and Paperwork, specifically helping out the Game Department better communicate to the player base, and assisting in the training of new aspirants. A few new aspirants were also taken on, and the usual bout of Server Emails, and Project Assigning were completed. In addition, we're trying a new means of summarizing Departments this week, with Game and Tech members @qgmk and @XxXYaJrAbXxX writing far more detailed versions of their respectively weekly reports. Expect all departments to make this shift by next week's changelog!
    • LumosJared x3: Individual Direction and Staff Apps.
    • LumosJared x2: Changelog Structure and Paperwork.
    • LumosJared x5: Repository Updates and Direction Projects.
    • TheComputerGeek x1: Tech Reporting and Communication.
    This week, Game mainly focused on hosting the Resetiversary events. We are pleased with how smoothly they went, and we hear your pleas to make some of them into regular reoccurring events! We will be looking into working with Quest department to make The Gauntlet an open course with daily/weekly rewards for completion! In addition, another major round of testing was performed with the Races Project, and issues were compiled and sent to Tech Department for debugging. Game also completed 51 player tickets, numerous help chats, Essalonia cleanup and restoration, and naughty player investigations. Keep an eye out this week for a survey requesting your feedback on Resetiersary.
    • Winterless x5: Game Tickets in-game and PVP Tourney.
    • Falconhand x6: Tickets and PVE testing.
    • Takedown x14 Tickets and Resetiversary Events, as well as Event Assistance.
    • BlueChaos x3: Tickets, Investigations, and Resitiversary.
    • Sir_Daragon x5: Forums Administration and Various Projects.
    • The_Fluorspar x21: Extensive MassiveRaces bug-testing, Resitiversary, removing lag machines, and tickets.
    • QGMK x33: Tickets, Resetiversary Events, and catching flyhackers.
    This week, World began some Houses for V6, some minor V5 upkeep, and lots of new specific builds and updates.
    • WaterDruppel x4: Dragon Temple District (/tp knightsquarter), Undercroft Market Decorations, New Orc Bars, and World Tickets.
    • StFeullien x2: Regalia V6 Houses.
    • Patsie x3: Delmotte Estate and Houses.
    • LumosJared x1: Regalia Upkeep/v6 Common House Testing.
    • SpunSugar x8: Event Setup and V6 Testing.
    • EdnaMode_ x3: Oberon's Throne Build.
    • SnashuuPomaymay x15: Interior Decor and Event Setup.
    This week, Lore handled the World System, specifically the Noble elements within and lots of Roleplay Events.
    • WaterDruppel x6: Discord Tickets and Qadir Lore Racial Updates/Abilities Writing.
    • BillyTheScruffy x8: Noble System Management, Shakeups.
    • Athelois x6: Hide and Seek Event, Tickets.
    • Jonificus x3: HR chats and server health projects.
    • MantaRey x9: Lore Progression Assistance and Racial Updates with Birds.
    • Fantuinn x13: Event Acting and Character Sheets.
    • BetaInsomnia x24: Processings and Character Sheets.
    • Wumpatron x5: Racials Pitches, Character Sheets, and RP Lines.
    • Arhbi x2: Character Sheets.
    • Eccetra x10: Discord Tickets.
    • Caelamus x26: Character Sheets.
    • Optimalfriskies x12: Roleplay Events.
    • HydraLana x30: Lore Writing.
    • Bellarmina x10: Tickets and Event Acting.
    • Birdsfoot_Violet x16: Tickets.
    • Messtro x6: Character Sheets and Calendar Maint.
    • Katiesc x14: Character Sheets.
    • FireFan96 x14: Lore Sheets and Leutz Fencing.
    • Anarchizm x13: Sheets.
    • LumosJared x6: Tickets.
    • Lumiess x8: Event Acting.
    • TheBioverse x18: Character Sheets.
    This week, Quest focused primarily on new quests for Essalonia!
    • Derpadillo x1: Quest Writing, Bugfixing.
    This week, PR focused on video editing, graphic design work for a few threads, and upcoming spotlight projects.
    • Anarchizm x10: External Server Scouting, HR Talks, and other tasks.
    • Miracle678 x8: Event Post Writeups, Editing an upcoming Factions Spotlight Video.
    • Battlebrawn x4: PMC Upkeep.
    • Seoulmate x4: Weekend Roundup.
    Tech this week has been covering a broad amount of projects. CS_Birb has been working on the implementation of the new block logging plugin and its integration into our plugins and website as well as implementing staff into the API for the polling website. He has also been testing MorePlayerModels between the different clients running on 1.14 and 1.15.2 with the server versions between 1.13.2, 1.14.4 and 1.15.2. Mcmann has also spent some time working to migrate Minepacks into MassiveVanilla. TheComputerGeek2 has been working more on MassivePvE for the new mob/animal types that are to come with 1.15.2 and creating a new tool for it to edit mobs that have already been spawned into the world. Derpadillo, ItsLateKnight and XxXYaJrAbXxX has also been working to fix many of the bugs that were pointed out by game staff in our first stage of testing for MassiveRaces.
    • CS_Birb x17: Internal Staff Fixing and 115.
    • XxXYaJrAbXxX x17: See the Full Report Below.
    • TheComputerGeek2 x30: See the Full Report Below.
    • ItsLateKnight x3: See the Full Report Below.

    XXXYajRabXXX's Full Point Report

    ItsLateKnight's Full Point Report

    TheComputerGeek2's Full Point Report
    Plugin change summary (some components likely will have their names adjusted):
    Introduce CommandPvEManageModify, a tool for modifying mobs that have already been spawned
    Updated MassivePvE to Kotlin 1.3.72
    New modifiers:
    lovemodeticks - apply the breeding ready mode for the target
    age - age for creatures which recognize a form of growing up
    agelock - lock the aging of creatures
    adult - quick option for making an animal an adult
    baby - quick option for making an animal a baby
    pandagenemain - set the primary gene of pandas
    pandagenehidden - set the hidden gene of a panda
    phantomsize - set the size of phantoms
    beehasstung - control if a bee should be treated as if it has stung something
    beehasnectar - control if the bee currently has nectar on it
    beecannotenterhiveticks - ticks until a bee is allowed to enter a hive
    beeangerticks - how long a bee is to be angry for
    beeflowerlocation - the location where a bee should expect to find its flower
    beehivelocation - the location where a bee should expect to find its hive
    swimming - attempts to force entities to enter a swimming state
    foxtype - tweak the type of fox
    foxcrouching - control if the fox should be crouching
    foxsleeping - is the fox sleeping
    patrolleader - is this raid capable mob a patrol leader?
    canjoinraid - is this raid capable mob able to join a raid?

    Fun example for the usage of CommandPvEManageModify,

    /pve manage modify @e[distance=0..30,type=sheep] sheepsheared:True attribute:GENERIC_MOVEMENT_SPEED=2 name:<pink>NAKED_SHEEP

    This would modify all sheep within 30 blocks of the command issuer to be unwooled, speedy, and named "NAKED SHEEP" and the name to be pink. The only part lacking tab completion is the target selector which uses vanilla syntax. The rest of it offers full tab completion and is able to utilize the same tools which are used for tweaking fresh spawns from the plugin.
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