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    This week, Direction focused on Individual Direction and Paperwork, as well as Staff Apps and Server Emails, and Project Assigning.
    • LumosJared x5: Individual Direction and Staff Apps.
    • LumosJared x2: Changelog Structure and Paperwork.
    • LumosJared x1: Server Emails.
    This week Game Staff focused on bugfixing, tickets, catch up points, and misc projects.
    • BlueChaos x6: Tickets and Essalonia Cleanup.
    • Winterless x14: Tickets and Event Acting and Race Plugin.
    • Sir_Daragon x13: Tickets, MythicMobs, other Events.
    • QGMK x13: Investigations, Tickets, Help Chats.
    • Jaehaerys x4: Game Staff Meetings.
    This week, World Staff focused on Estate Decor and Event Setups, as well as all the builds for the Clicker Events!
    • SnashuuPomaymay x7: Estates and Decor.
    • LumosJared x2: Regalia Decor.
    • Patsie x10: Estates and Typhonunburg Event Work!
    • WaterDruppel x7: Clicker Events (full report, see below)
    • Pixycandi x6: Interior Design Work.
    • EdnaMode x9: World Assistance.
    • Jaehaerys x1: Bo2 Fixes.

    This week, Lore Staff hosted various events throughout the week, culminating in the end of the Clicker Crisis Arc, which drew 200+ players during each of the five or so events! @BillyTheScroofy hosted roleplay trials of staggering length and lots more lore was released onto the wiki.
    • OkaDoka x17: Sheets.
    • FireFan96 x22: Lore Sheets.
    • Wumpatron x12: Processing, Character Sheets.
    • Katiesc x16: Character Sheets.
    • Birdsfoot_Violet x15: Processing, Tickets, Event Acting.
    • Athelois x10: Character Sheets.
    • BillyTheScruffy x11: Guild and DM System.
    • HydraLana x25: Lore Processing, Character Sheets, Writing.
    • Eccetra 19: Tickets.
    • Messtro x15: Character Sheets.
    • Caelamus x15: Character Sheets.
    • Bellarmina x12: Tickets and Event Acting.
    • Lumiess x13: Event Acting.
    • TheBioverse x22: Event Acting.
    • LumosJared x15: Tickets and Processing and Events.
    • WaterDruppel x4: Event Acting.
    • Carlit0o x22: Lore Events.
    • OptimalFriskies x16: Character Sheets and Events.
    This week, Quest Staff focused on quest writing and bugfixing, as well as assisting the Tech Department.
    • Derpadillo x4: Quest Writing and Bugfixes.
    • Alj23 x3: Quest Writing and Bugfixes.
    This week, PR Staff focused on screenshots, spotlights, external site reduxes, and pr tickets!
    • FlossyBerryRenee x4: Various Screenshots and Pro work.
    • Battlebrawn x3: Screenshots.
    • Pixycandi x9: Graphics and External PR on PMC.
    • Seoulmate x6: Weekend Roundup.
    • Hierophant x8: Gifs and Forum Sigs and Burgh Pictures.
    This week, Tech Staff's report is half-done, as half of our team is finishing up some reworks.
    • Derpadillo x15: MassiveRaces Development.
    • TheComputerGeek2 x7: Tech Reworks and Board Progress.
    • XxXYaJrAbXxX x13: Implemented the main features of Allar race and tidying up code, Implemented all main abilities of Yanar excluding the ultimate ability, Attended game meeting for an hour to discuss implementation of the cannons plugin for 1.15 update as well as discussed transitioning from CoreProtect and Hawkeye to Prism.
    • Jackson413 x3: See Time Sheet Below.
    Jackson's Full Point Report
    • Thank You! Thank You! x 2


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