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    This week, Direction focused on internal paperwork and site ip safety nets, as well as taking in new applicants to the team.
    • LumosJared x9: Paperwork and Staff Apps.
    Game evaluated the first results from the Dynmap hide change, released war declarations, investigated rule breaks, holds a PvE event tonight
    • MadamAries x7: Essalonia Revolution item rewards and speedrunning.
    • JoyShake x1: Speedrun training.
    • Sebbysc x6: Testing and training with new silverwind systems.
    • Dragonn_ x9: Documentation and various moderation updates.
    • Kniferharm x11: Moderation and chat overhaul system.
    • Falconhand x12: Massivemob training documentation and testing on a seperate server.
    • TinnyTine x3: Game training and internal docs.
    • Sephite x21: Internal protocols and direction.
    • Jaehaerys x10: Various settings overhaul.
    • Siosie x9: Server systems and training documentation.
    • Winterless x5: Helpchats, pvp work, and various ticket work.
    • Sevak x13: Game training and various documentation works.
    • Bluechaos x4: Speedrunning and various documentation work on internal protocols.
    • Sir_Daragon x5: Testing and training.
    • Grumpygirl314 x14: Tickets, Ban/Defense Appeal Investigations and Various administrative work
    This week world staff focused on housing and district reworks, as well as spawn changes and a rework to the cistern.
    • Mojaaven x5: Altalaan Houses and district work.
    • Jaehaerys x6: Spawn rework.
    • Yigit x3: Spawn progress.
    • Patsie x7: Summer festival opener.
    • Bunemma x3: Cistern rework.
    This week, lore staff did a whole lot of character sheets! In addition, the noble programme and war progressions are gearing back up, as well as various lore writings to be released this coming week.
    • Caelamus x12: Sheets.
    • TheVigilantWolf x9: Various sheets.
    • BillyTheScroofy x9: Noble programme dm.
    • Havsbris x5: Sheets.
    • Jonificus x4: Sheets.
    • HydraLana x5: Lore Writing for various races.
    • Athelois x6: Sheets.
    • Carlit0o x16: Sheets.
    • Ddafad x5: Sheets.
    • Finlaggan x43: Lore writing.
    • Apath x6: Sheets and various writings.
    • Etrees x4: Sheets.
    • BetaInsomnia x5: Sheets.
    • Kateisc x5: Processing various pages and sheets.
    • Eccetra x2: Discord and lore changes.
    The Summer Festival is on! This dominated much of Event and PR's tasks, as well as some minor work on item reworks.
    • Grumpygirl314 x14: Coding, testing, installation and repair of SummerFest Fishing, Vendor, and Dialogue quests
    • Bellarmina x3: Festival opener.
    • Lizmun x2: Event acting.
    • Ryria x15: 8 points for decorating festival grounds.
    • Optimalfriskies x2: Testing and event acting in various.
    • ZiggyStarDusted x2: Event acting and item reward reworks.
    The Summer Festival aside, external postings and voting rewards were worked on this week in PR, as well as recruitment.
    • Battlebrawn x4: Testing and new posts on external sites.
    • SpunSugar x26: Various PR director level tasks and summer festival opener.
    • Seoulmate x6: Roundup.
    • Pixycandi x3: External PR and various testing.
    1.13 continues to be worked on, and the internal database for the update has been worked on. Technical tools for both website based and server based tasks were reworked.
    • TheComputerGeek2: 1.13 internal database reset, including extensive project assigning and delegation of task to other tech members.
    • CS_Birb x13: Tech tools rework.
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