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    Given this week's news, this week' meetings are sponsored by...

    This week, Direction focused on a variety of projects.
    • LumosJared focused on lore rewrites and direction recruitment.
    • MonMarty focused on lore updates, roleplay events, prog system updates, noble system courtesy reworks, and individual direction.
    Lore Updates

    • Draga Ifrit lore got a paragraph-sized expansion as setup for some upcoming lore release.
    • We just put in the Songaskian district between the prison and the asha district, Siwatroad. We have 16 houses in total (2 of which towers). 12 were given out to players who reserved a house, but 4 properties are still on sale, with 2 of them towers.
    • Quick reminder to everyone that Ordial lore/Ordial theory/Death realm theory is fringe conspiracy theory crackpot without any informational foundation, and that talking about it is like flat earthing.
    World System Updates:
    Event Updates
    Roleplay Updates
    This week, tech has been working on MassiveRaces:
    • CS_Birb has been working on the Massive Staff Panel for staff members to report their points.
    • XxXYaJrAbXxX has been working on updating the database drivers and making a proof of concept asynchronous driver to hopefully give some performance gains.
    • XVW has been working on MassiveRaces on the dwarf potion changes so dwarfs cannot be immune to their own negative splash potion effects.
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