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    Curate Nora Mornala of the Nonnatean sect invited everyone and anyone willing and able to attend a memorial service and lantern lighting for the clergymen who fell at the hands of House Slumberwood.
    This week's meetings are sponsored by...

    This week, Direction focused on a variety of projects.
    • LumosJared focused on Individual Direction, Crate editing, an upcoming lore update, and
    • MonMarty focused on lore updates, [[REDACTED]] building project, and finances.
    These past few weeks for world have been fairly busy. Between adding a large portion to the finalond district, brainstorming a new district, a clean up of the empty area behind arenacourt, plenty of events, and various estate/business decorations, we've had our hands full. The Calvonth, Caelfall, Latimer, Mac Conall, Avalleia, and Bancroft estates received some decoration here and there, and the Sapphire Secrets lounge, arenawall5, darkemporium1, whimsy bar, and boulevard7 regions were decorated. Events such as the May Day celebrations, the derby, and shopping day were set up, alongside a few upcoming events to keep an eye out for.
    • SpunSugar did event setup for the May Day celebrations, built the Garden of Lensa in the Velheim district. Worked on the interior of Crookback Castle. Fixed up the area between claw court and the arena, and completed world tickets.
    • Yigit built four decorated stalls for the May Day celebration event, worked on Crashir's clandestine base by making requested changes to the interior design, i.e adding an alchemy lab, a forge and armory, a Dread rebirthing chamber and a feasting hall.
    • WaterDruppel worked on the Calvonth estate, decorated darkemporium1, boulevard7, the sapphire secrets bar, and the Latimer estate. She also set up a lantern lighting event, and a digsite for an upcoming event.
    • Bunemma worked on the Calvonth estate, darkemporium1, and boulevard7 with WaterDruppel. She switched up the decoration in the whimsybar, and decorated the Bancroft gardens with WaterDruppel.
    World Updates

    • Alorian World Map Revised!
    • A brief reminder to use the Calendar on the Forums to post public roleplay events.We have elected to remove Vampiric-Werebeast Collaring from immediate-access usable Lore. This means that the concept of Vampires enslaving Werebeasts to be their cannon-fodder soldiers and slaves/blood-cattle is not removed from lore, and is certainly still practiced in the Dorkarthi Desprinces realm, but that most modern Vampires have lost and/or do not practice the "art" anymore.
    • The Highland Ceardian Culture has been rewritten and divided into two Cultures, some details on these are to follow.
    • Firstly are the Caeren, a traditional and clan-based Highland Culture that primarily occupy the regions of Mannadh Alba and the Gallovian Pachs.
    • Secondly are the Dunbrae, a high-society and militaristic Highland Culture that primarily occupy the region of Talahm Gall
    • Both Cultures occupy the lands of Clannadh-Alba and Kinwry.
    World System Updates:
    Roleplay Updates
    This week, tech has been working on various projects:
    • CS_Birb has been working on improvements for the MassiveStaff panel.
    • XxXYaJrAbXxX has been working on Factions changing how Factions force connected claims. Instead of it being on regardless of world, it has now changed it so it can be configured for specific worlds.
    • XVW has been working on MassiveRaces where he has been implementing for players to glow for the duration of their ultimate.


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