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    This week, Direction focused on maintaining current staff systems.
    • LumosJared focused on Individual Direction, HR Talks, and Security login updating.
    • MonMarty focused on a new Art Discord (which you can join via Rp community Discord), new rule changes, and roleplay events.
    This week, World worked on estate decoration as usual: the peirgarten estate's garden got an face-lift, caelfal was worked on, and decorations on the McConall estate have been started. The new event site for FireFan's knight system was also built, featuring lots of water. The courtroom in Regalia was redone for this week's trial, and lastly, tickets event setup were handled as usual.
    • SpunSugar Did the setup for the Imperial court event and updated the Peirgarten gardens.
    • Bunemma worked to finish up the de Piedmont estate, and set up some events.
    • WaterDruppel Worked on Caelfal's and McConall's interior and built the event site for the knight event.

    Here are some updates on the projects we have been working on:
    • Lots of exciting releases and events were hosted this week! The Netherite-dropping mob is now live and can be found in the nether! Type /tp nether to check it out. Minor changes to the mob's spawn rate and characteristics may be coming, but we do not have plans to alter the mechanism of netherite repairs via MCMMO.
    • Thank you to everyone who attended the open discussion in the factions discord about MassiveRaces. We received constructive feedback for the future of the plugin.
    • The plugin being used in the KitPVP rework, McDuels, involves clickable signs to perform actions such as editing your kit. Unfortunately, the plugin's signs do not function properly, so our solution is to use clickable MassiveQuest signs to perform the same commands as the McDuels signs.
    • MassiveVillagers is still on hold. Tech is working on logging all villager transaction events to ensure the plugin in balanced.
    • Thank you to those who tested the Kingdoms plugin. We received wonderful feedback and made changes.
    • 45 player tickets, mythic mob creation, numerous help chats, world cleanup and restoration, and naughty player investigations were completed. We hosted Easter Events this week! You can vote on which events we host next week here:
    • QGMK aided players, tested various plugins, projects, and mobs, handled appeals and reports, and interviewed potential recruits.
    • The_Fluorspar aided players, made significant progress with the KitPVP rework, hosted events, and scouted KOTH plugins.
    • TakeDown__ aided players, reworked vote crate items, and hosted events.
    • Sevak aided players, cleaned Essalonia spawn, reworked vote crate items, and hosted an open meeting regarding MassiveRaces.
    • Effloresce_ created and tested MythicMobs and setup events.
    • Sweet_Dreams aided players and planned the Easter Event.
    Lore Updates:
    • Feedback Submission Channels deleted, file a ticket to the RP Community Discord Bot for the future now.
    • Zikiel Sorcerers are automatically Void Sorcerers, changing alignment if they were exist before hand.
    • Raprann Sorcerers are automatically Exist Sorcerers, changing alignment if they were void beforehand.
    • Heyo, we're making the announcement ahead of time so people can start discussing/planning, but we will in the future be Removing Silver Skinwalkers from an active playable affliction. They will still probably exist in Background lore, but for a variety of reasons including "why would they leave the woods" we don't think they fit anymore.
    • If you play a Silver Skinwalker and feel as though there are no other avenues to get what you want out of your current character, please make a ticket and we can discuss options/paths forward.
    • The Regalian Roleplay section ( is a public roleplay section where quasi-irp stuff happens. We say quasi, because it exists in a weird time capsule and place capsule that is not consistent.
    • Until further notice all Burglary requests are on pause while we take a better look at the system to make some changes. Expect an update soon!
    • New Metallurgy list has been updated!
    • We've launched our officially moderated and supported Massive Art Discord, you can get an invite here:
    World System Updates:
    Event Updates:
    Roleplay Updates:
    This week was a light week due to the holidays. Nevertheless the quest department worked on last Saturday’s easter egg hunt and progress on our tutorial and spawn update was also made. We hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend and we will hopefully provide you some further updates next week after everybody is available again. As we are the smallest staff department we are always looking to grow our team, consider applying here: You can also have a look at our methods on this page:
    • Lazzulai started working on the easter egg hunt but then her pc died.
    • The_Fluorspar did testing/tweaking for the easter egg hunt and wrote some quests for the kitpvp rework.
    • Derpadillo wrote and implemented the easter egg hunt and worked on the tutorial update.
    This week, tech has been working on Kingdoms:
    • FourThirteen has been working on MassiveRaces performing bug tests as well as balancing. He also hosted a community meeting to discuss the future road map for MassiveRaces and upcoming features.
    • CS_Birb has been doing updates to the server such as server software and updating mcMMO. He has also made a few tweaks to our farm limiter plugin for villagers when MassiveVillagers is released. He has also been fixing pages on the website for some of our development pages.
    • XxXYaJrAbXxX has been working on Kingdoms implementing kingdom flags. This will give kingdoms the option to choose whether the kingdom is open to factions, defensive meaning if a faction of a kingdom is enemied, the kingdom will automatically enemy the faction that enemied and finally allowing kingdoms to be permanent and not disband.
    • XVW has been working on MassiveRaces to ensure the Altalar ultimate ability can not strike players who are within buildings.


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