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    June 15th-17th!


    Roleplay Events:

    House Claudio- Army Duel: 6/15/2018- 1:00am GMT/ 8:00pm EST

    House Drache And Viridian Order: A Charity Tournament: 6/15/2018- 11:00pm GMT/ 6:00pm EST

    House Valeur: A Memorial Ball: 6/15/2018- 8:00pm GMT/ 3:00pm EST

    The Great Noble Race: 6/16/2018- 8:00pm GMT/ 3:00pm EST

    Van Caster's Open Viridian Joust: 10:00pm GMT/ 5:00pm EST

    A Masquerade Of Shadows: 6/16/2018- 10:00pm GMT/ 5:00pm EST

    The House Guard Carnival: 6/17-19/2018- 11:30pm GMT/ 6:30pm EST

    Faction Events:

    Summer Solstice - A Tournament Of Remembrance: 6/16/2018- 12:00am GMT/ 7:00pm EST

    Host an Event of your Own!

    Crisis of Kings:

    Leader in Points for the Week: The race for the Crown of Hadar trudges on, as both House van Waldeck and House Stormheart compete for the top position on the continent. While the relative peace on the continent has continued, House Morvollo of Wyvern makes its military prowess evident as it wins a series of mini-battles in the monthly Hadarian Tourney. The cold diplomatic relations of recent months have thawed on the continent as House Celethorian makes new friends on the geopolitical stage. Other houses such as House Stormheart and House Morvollo continue to maintain their holdings in other areas of the continent. The cogs of the Hollandt war machine continue to roll on as their armies travel afar to reek havoc on the other great houses. The internal social structure of House Brahmin of Enigma remains the strongest as their population remains loyal to it's new vivacious and successful leader, Ginevra Brahmin. House Marvollo have struggled to maintain their internal government but Lord Morvollo has managed to pull through this time of strife for Wyvern but the question of the great house's survival is continuing to circle in noble social groups. House Visarion are unusually quiet compared their past endeavours when they were last participating in the political warfare of Hadar. The scribes of House Stormheart and House wan Waldeck continue to output various stories about their activities on the continent. House Buelari and House Brahmin continue to maintain their great structures for all to see and House Stormheart, Brahmin and van Waldeck continue to see an influx of precious trinkets that fill their treasury's.

    Wars: The greatest knights across Hadar all descended upon a selected venue over the weekend for another Hadarian Tourney, hosted by the nobles of the continent. The fights were tough and the competition was rife, but only the knights of House Morvollo came out on top and basked in the glory of Hadarian nobility.

    Battles: The commanders of the forces of House van Waldeck return to cheering crowds this weekend, as their armies are extremely successful in the field against their various enemy's across Hadar. House Stormheart of Belegost continue their strong form as the great aggressors of Hadar into this month, despite a bout of quietened activity.

    Diplomacy: Celetil has been hard at work asking for tokens of friendship from alliances. They've recruited Enigma and Wyvern to their cause as well; only time will tell what they're planning. Great House Brahmin of Enigma has sent word to Verdandil of an alliance, to which Verdandil accepted.

    Growth: House Brahmin remain the strongest faction in terms of the loyalty of their citizens, even with such strong invaders standing right outside their door. House van Waldeck have also seen a spike in their membership, indicating at strengthening times ahead as they burst into the lead.

    Economy: The treasurers of all great houses can sleep well as all finances remain strong within each great house. House Buelari and House Marvollo maintain strong economic standpoints, despite the latter's sudden drop in population and social structure.

    Lore Advancement: Houses van Weldeck and Stormheart have both made significant strides this week. Hubrecht van Weldeck himself was the key subject in many tales being spread.

    Lore Canonization: The Regalian nobles and citizens have paid no attention to any new contenders on the Hadarian stage, and remain content with their own internal affairs.

    Buildings: Great House Onyxbeard's dwarves and architects have been hard at work constructing a Dwarven Hold able to house, feed, and arm their army in good time. Their stronghold has begun to gain popularity in the area, and villagers have been constructing houses outside so they may live in peace alongside the Dwarves of Belegost.

    Other: Any faction that wishes to make their own banner, they can do so at Please submit this to CnocBride so that they can be added to the Crisis of Kings progression announcement.


    KOTH runs once a week, every Saturday!
    4:00pm CST / 5:00pm EST / 9:00pm GMT

    Server News to Catch Up:

    Lore and Wiki Updates!

    Faction Build Move Status And Information

    New Teled Methen Spawn

    Slum Renovations

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