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    January 11th-13th!


    Roleplay Events:

    The Golden Willow’s Start Of The New Year Celebration: 01/11/2018- 11:30pm GMT/ 6:30pm EST

    A Winter Wedding: 01/12/2018- 10:00pm GMT/ 5:00pm EST

    Stay tuned to Event and World chat and keep your eyes peeled in Discord for some impromptu events that are sure to happen!

    Faction Events:

    PVP Tournament: 01/12/2018- 7:00pm GMT/ 2:00pm EST

    Faction Events Assistance

    Host an Event of your Own!

    Server News to Catch Up:

    Lore and Wiki Updates:

    Roleplay Hotspots: Religion

    Pvp Tournament!

    2019 Noble System Revision

    Magical Knowledge Rework: Quantification And Precision

    Expanding Roleplay, Bridging Survival, Cohesive Community And Newcomers


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