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    February 9th-11th!


    Roleplay Events:

    D'ortonnaise Open Court: 2/09/2018- 9:00pm GMT/ 4:00pm EST

    Joint Celebrations Of Drinks And Cheers!: 2/10/2018- 9:00pm GMT/ 4:00pm EST

    Eng Nomëtteg Ausstellung: 2/10/2018- 12:30am GMT/ 7:30pm EST

    Grand Spring Joust: 2/11/2018- 8:00pm GMT/ 3:00pm EST

    Hearts for Charity: 2/11/2018- 8:00pm GMT/ 3:00pm EST

    Faction Events:

    Host an Event of Your Own!

    Crisis of Kings Progression:

    Leader in the Points for the Week: House Valeur are ahead once again with 9 points, yet House Amaran of Cadun are close behind with 7 points. Houses Athius and Draetheus are both on 0 points, with very little growth in any sector for either house.

    Wars: Still, the freezing temperatures halt any battle progression. While they wait for warmer temperatures, it seems the armies brace themselves and prepare for battles soon to come.

    Battles: The battlefields stay vacant and bare, battles ceasing momentarily as the warriors take a breath and rest.

    Diplomacy: Great House Valeur have extended a hand towards House Buelari of Verdandil, forging a vassal relation with them in exchange for battle assistance and improved trade routes. Great House Valeur have also gained another vassal in House Thangor of Thangorodrim, seeing as they both have ambitions to defeat their common foe as a combined force.

    Growth: There seems to have been a mass migration from House Athius to House Brahmin.

    Economy: The Great House Insani seems to have went on a tangent with their coin, spending on materials and new gear, showing off their large wallet. On the other hand, the Great House of Cadun humbly saves every coin funneling into their pocket.

    Lore Advancement: House Valeur's bards are singing it from afar: Valorian has banded with strangers now made friends and allies against a common foe in their pursuit of a peaceful and stable continent for those who wish to contribute in their best interest.

    Lore Canonisation: The Crown of Regalia recently recognised House Amaran of Cadun.

    Buildings: Great House Valeur completed the construction of two wonderful estates.

    Other: N/A.


    KOTH runs every three hours!
    7, 10, 1, 4 o’clock AM/PM EST
    12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock AM/PM GMT

    Server News to Catch Up:

    Faction Builds and Movements Updates!

    Ithanian Culture Page Published!

    Lore and Wiki Changes!

    List of Major Cities!

    On The Subject: Server Finances!

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