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    February 23rd-25th!


    Roleplay Events:

    Bards and Beer: 2/23/2018- 12:30am GMT/ 7:30pm EST

    Battle Of The Blue Flame: 2/24/2018- 10:00pm GMT/ 5:00pm EST

    A Night of Drunken Revelry: 2/24/2018- 12:00am GMT/ 7:00pm EST

    To The Fallen - Lantern Party: 2/24/2018- 12:00am GMT/ 7:00pm EST

    Faction Events:

    Host an Event of Your Own!

    Crisis of Kings Progression:

    Leader in the Points for the Week: Once again, House Valeur are ahead of the competition, leading the way with 12 points. Houses Athius, Wyndmire, and Amaran are following close behind, while House Orryn of Drasnia are still recuperating from the loss at arms against House Amaran, and thus risk falling from their position on Hadar.

    Wars: Several small skirmishes are taking place, but overall the wars themselves are still in a state of perpetual attrition, with neither sides making a considerable breakthrough over the others.

    Battles: House Valeur has begun to bleed. First to the dwarven vassals of House Amaran, and secondly to the bloodthirsty troops of Wvyern. Yet Lady Amaran has not only taken the fight to Valeur, she's sent detachments to harass House Orryn's lands also.

    Diplomacy: House Athius has recently been stripped of two of their Vassals, with both Selendia and Alkazar losing the people required to maintain their worth to the House. However, House Wyndmire betrayed their long term allies of House Valeur, severing ties with a bloody slew of battles. Wyndmire also cut ties with his newest allies, House Orryn, leaving them alone and somewhat vulnerable now to attacks from Amaran troops. However, in the most unlikely of events, House Wyndmire has recently pledged allegiance to both House Amaran and House Athius, solidifying their position against the ever presence of Lady Valeur and her subjects.

    Growth: It is a day to rejoice for the Houses of Athius and Luvenis, as they have become one. United under a common banner, Lady Luvenis has capitulated her lands and subjects to House Athius, for promise of protection, glory, and wealth. Due to this influx of people, House Athius has grown considerably in both numbers and wealth.

    Economy: Special collector's coins have been seen changing hands between the members of the Houses. It's said three of them bring luck and therefore some have been sold up to 1000 Regals per piece!

    Lore Advancement: The lands of Hadar are again buzzing with life and conundrums. Great House Valeur of Valorian have lost one of their greatest allies, but have also found support in their vassal factions and friends. Ronaen Athius of Great House Insani also announced he will be engaged in eventual marriage to Jareth Luvenis of House Rauru, uniting the two powerful factions.

    Lore Canonisation: Currently no new Houses have been deemed worthy to make their mark further than Hadar's borders.

    Buildings: The structures of Hadar stand sturdy despite the plagues of battle and war.

    Other: House Draethaeus of Cyrinthalon is now known as House Draethaeus of Aeris.


    KOTH runs every three hours!
    7, 10, 1, 4 o’clock AM/PM EST
    12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock AM/PM GMT

    Server News to Catch Up:

    Faction Builds and Movements Updates!

    Fountains of Fortune

    Factions Promotional Video!

    Combat/intellect School System Overhaul

    Lore and Wiki Updates!

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