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    December 7th-December 9th!


    Roleplay Events:

    A Night Of Fire And Ice: 12/07/2018- 11:00pm GMT/ 6:00pm EST

    Stay tuned to Event and World chat and keep your eyes peeled in Discord for some impromptu events that are sure to happen!

    Faction Events:

    Acci Founders Festival: 12/08-09/2018-

    Faction Events Assistance

    Host an Event of your Own!

    Crisis of Nobles Progression:

    Leader in points for the week: Continuing on their crusade of passive pavements, Noble Brahmin of Enigma continues to taking the advantageous foot forward in the month-long endeavor to the top. Their loyal citizens and eye-catching builds keep House Enigma rising above the rest. Great Houses Cyfalafwyr and Argost steam close behind to House Enigma as they keep their values of their citizens and pristine buildings in check, in that respective order. Both House challenges each other for the top title, ever striving for the glorious victory. Houses, such as Armaschleit, aim to better their own lands as the Houses above them do. Either by continuing to expand and better their homes, or keeping their citizens happy with a reduced tax, each House simply try to keep their heads above water.

    Wars: The peace of silence and tranquility could only last for so long as the fields were used once more, House Alamut and House Argost refilling the land with hollers and blood. As the last war on the grounds for Great Houses, many battles ensue, even between these two Houses.

    Battles: Clashes of House Argost and House Alamut continue into this week, the casualty minimal but the assault everlasting and continuous. It would be no doubt that they will continue throughout the rest of the month.

    Diplomacy: Whispers of alliances and agreements are still unheard of, the news being kept locked and still until each House is prepared, but everyone is still left to their own speculations and rumors.

    Growth: Great House Cyfalawyr and Enigma continue to receive more and more citizens through their gates. With this significant increase of new members who know what they can achieve? In addition to these two houses being tied this week in members. Close behind them in another tie is houses Aieralyne and Argost.

    Economy: The bar has been set for the upcoming month, and the regals have started trickling. Who shall gain command of the market this month?

    Lore advancement: The Great Houses remain busy in transcribing their history and ideologies on paper, leaving them on paper for their own records before they are released to the masses for all to admire their grand glories.

    Lore canonization: As the struggles of the west continue in the Regalian Empire, Essalonia is left in silence, cut off from any word or scholarly pursuits from the Great Houses.
    Last weekend our amazing Game Department and a few others hosted two survival events. We hosted a lovely PvE event with a lot of mobs, similar to our Halloween event from a few weeks ago. We also hosted a PvP event the following day, which was our second tournament from relaunch!

    Buildings: This week Argost submitted two lovely houses from their new city. In addition to this our three amazing factions who submit builds continue to gather points for their amazing builds! That being Great Houses Armaschleit, Enigma, and Argost.

    Other: N/A

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