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    December 14th-December 16th!


    Roleplay Events:

    Herbsthafen Sledding Competitions: 12/14/2018- 9:00pm GMT/ 4:00pm EST

    The New Regalia Tour: 12/14/2018- 11:00pm GMT/ 6:00pm EST

    A Wintertide Gathering | The Falcon's Nest Pub: 12/15/2018- 9:00pm GMT/ 4:00pm EST

    A Reception For Merchants: 12/16/2018- 8:00pm GMT/ 3:00pm EST

    Stay tuned to Event and World chat and keep your eyes peeled in Discord for some impromptu events that are sure to happen!

    Faction Events:

    Wintertide Tournament: 12/15/2018- 7:00pm GMT/ 2:00pm EST

    Faction Events Assistance

    Host an Event of your Own!

    Crisis of Nobles Progression:

    Leader in points for the week: As the wars continue within the borders of Essalonia, some hope for peace and others hope for domination of the entire continent. This week Great House Cyfawaflyr is leading in members points close behind them in the same category is Argost and Enigma tied together. As their cities are filled with farmers, masons, and the working class their cities will be filled with hungry bellies. As winter is coming and the snows fall, those with strong backs and filled bellies will march farther and crush any enemy who wishes to contest them. In buildings of this week, Great Houses Argost, Armaschleit, and Enigma are all tied in their beautiful buildings. As their masons and architects continue to finish each of their respected realms we will see a fuller and brighter Essalonia. One can only hope for a better future and a shorter winter.

    Wars: Of course, with no battles there can be no progress to tip the scales of war, and despite the silence, no Houses chose to tackle their feuds in a diplomatic sense.

    Battles: This week the Great Houses lay in rest, some recuperating from the trials of last week, others focusing on a more diplomatic approach.

    Diplomacy: No word of any new alliances has spread their wings around the continent. But whatever mischief that is laying dormant is yet to be seen in this week.

    Growth: This week Great House Cyfalawyr leads in growth by a good stretch. Followed behind by Great House Enigma, who seems to have lost several people since last week. And thirdly by Great House Argost who have welcomed a new populace into their tribe.

    Economy: As the last week of this Month continues to etch closer, our Great Houses come closer and closer to building up their faction banks from the last few weeks.

    Lore advancement: The Great Houses remain busy in transcribing their history and ideologies on paper, leaving them on paper for their records before they are released to the masses for all to admire their grand glories.

    Lore canonisation: As the struggles of the west continue in the Regalian Empire, Essalonia is left in silence, cut off from any word or scholarly pursuits from the Great Houses.

    Buildings: As more Great Houses continue to finish their builds, this week has not seen any submissions. But as always our three Great Houses, Armaschleit, Argost, and Enigma continue to receive points from all of their lovely builds. Remember to submit a build if you would like to receive points from it!

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