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    August 10th-12th!


    You can now connect to the NEW Massivecraft using the same I.P, and check out the Server News and Announcement section for our brand new Premium and Supremium ranks!

    Roleplay Events:

    A Summer Soiree In The Park: 08/12/2018- 11:00pm GMT/ 6:00pm EST

    The Hidden Dragon Presents: A Sordid Soirée: 08/12/2018- 11:00pm GMT/ 6:00pm EST

    Faction Events:

    Warriors Of Duk Sign-up

    Host an Event of your Own!


    The KOTH plugin is currently down
    And is actively being worked towards being fixed
    And being even better than ever!

    Server News to Catch Up:

    Premium And Supremium Debut!

    Rpg Foods Recipes - Supremium Features

    Trunk Storage Reopens!

    Event Team Enters The Fray!

    Lore and Wiki Updates:

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