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    From the desk of
    Dr. Amdilin dei Savarolesta
    Vultragon Celate

    In these trying times, I know it can be difficult to access a Celate when you need one. So I am writing this in the hopes it reaches people who need this message but have no other way to receive it.

    I have heard from many good people who feel useless cowering behind the walls of various castles and keeps. Those of us who are not great fighters have found ourselves wondering how we can help reclaim the city from the vampires and feeling as though there is nothing we can do. But those thoughts are misguided.

    Much like our Empire, while those who wield weapons in the Empire’s name are important, they cannot stand alone. They need to be fed and clothed, they need people to keep track of their supplies, and so on. In a similar way, we all have skills that are needed. Even though chopping potatoes or weaving baskets do not feel heroic, they both benefit the cause.

    Right now, do what you know how to do. “But I have no skills” you may say, wrongly. You may not be a great alchemist, but you can hand them the ingredients they need. You may not be a great cook, but you can probably wash dishes.

    And of course, you can pray. You should pray. Even those who feel they have nothing to give can still give this. Pray for those you love, for the warriors who guard us, for the Imperial Dragon who protects us, and even for those you do not know. If you do not know how to pray, I have attached a sample prayer you might recite.

    As a final note, I will invite you to pray for the Empire and our triumph over the forces occupying our city at 7pm EST on Sunday the Twenty-Ninth. If you feel lonely, if you feel scared, if you desire to know you are part of something greater, then pray for the Empire at that time and know that across the Isle, many others are doing the very same thing. We have strength in numbers and we will make our numbers known. Let our prayers echo through the skies and remind the demons of the world that we need not fear them, they should fear the Everwatcher and his followers. For the Everwatcher is the most powerful being; who governs all that was, is, and will be.

    As we walk along the way,
    Celate Amdilin dei Savarolesta

    To the one who calls themselves the Lich Lord:
    May you be reincarnated in an environment where you can grow up as a devout Unionist, so your eternal soul might finally do something productive.

    May Emperor Theomar guide our leaders as they face difficult decisions now and in the days to come,
    May Empress Ness remind us that vampires are people like us but controlled by a terrible curse,
    May Emperor Juvin grant us wisdom as we seek to combat and cure the vampiric curse,
    May Emperor Almar provide justice to those who have been wronged,
    May Emperor Allest help restore the rule and natural order of our Holy City,
    May Empress Elia grant victory to our warriors and protectors,
    May Emperor Vess ease our worries and sorrows,
    And May the Everwatcher Guide our Way.
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