Player Progression Story War, Sweat, Blood And Toil - Kintyr War Unfolds

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    Note: This progression should be read in tandem with this World Progression:

    Naval Assault

    While the politics raged on in the capital amidst the capture and arrest of alleged traitors and vagabonds, the war in Kintyr resumed with fiery intent. The blockade persisted under command of Wolvard od Albion, now joined by 15 Warships from House Delmotte and 2 warships from another unknown House. This was a gargantuan boost to the od Albion blockade which now sported a supreme naval superiority over the region numbering a total of 30 warships strong. This undoubtedly helped in raising the od Albion sailors morale even more so after their unexpected victory the week before. This would prove to be significant as, once again, Wolvard faced off against his naval adversary, Abelhard Latimer, only this time the tides had turned on the new ennobled Avanthar. While previously Latimer had assaulted the naval blockade with numbers 2:1 in favor of his side, he now faced odds 2:1 against him. This time, tactics and strategy had changed and the combined naval force spearheaded its way to break through the blockade just north of Valtyr. Wolvard signalled to engage defensive maneuvers, forming the nearby ships up and opening fire upon the encroaching flotilla.

    Latimer’s plan was set full in motion, his ships turning starboard to return a volley to breach the blockade’s defenses and make headway through to land reinforcements into Valtyr to lift the siege taking place there. This would however prove to be very difficult, as a number of retinues that Abelhard had counted upon to assist, most notably a mage, Cephalia, who was designated to attack Wolvard’s flagship which, naturally, never came to pass. This left Abelhard confused and frustrated. While 15 of the Delmotte ships remained in the Southern Region, more and more of the blockade in the North focused on the skirmish that was occuring. 4 of his own vessels and the unknown 2 warships quickly began to pincer the spearhead as they arrived on the scene. Latimer recognised this same tactic he himself used the week before and ordered a counter maneuver. Molly Lykke shouted to her helmsman to take over from her post with her now grabbing the nearest flag to signal to fire upon a weakened section of the od Albion counter offensive to their right. Doing so, three of Latimer’s vessels smashed through an od Albion owned ship, completely decimating the vessel while creating an opening in the formation for the pincered ships to escape and regroup.

    Wolvard slammed his hand upon the nearby capstan, lifting a finger to the escaping ships. “They aren’t bloody done, begin bringing the ships back into formation for another volley!” he exclaimed, his flag bearer waving frantically in adhering to the commands he had received. As the Latimer ships turned back around to attempt to break through once more, the od Albion ships open fired once again only this time, in noting what was about to occur, the blockade rained havok down upon them. Cannon balls crashed and smashed through various ships, sending Molly Lykke overboard with fractured ribs and a broken wrist. Luckily her ship would manage to escape with mostly artificial damage but the same could not be said for the Latimer vessels. Fact was, the nature of the defeat the week before had left the Latimer navy anxious and defeated with morale low due to losing out in a battle realistically they should have dominated in. This, coupled with once again, Wolvard od Albions naval strategy won out as the od Albion defensive deflected attempt, after an attempt from Latimer to enter Valtyr. All in all, while the od Albion were down 1 ship, Latimer lost 2 of his own in the second and third attempt to break through, before finally retreating once again, scorned and annoyed. This meant that once again, reinforcements would not be arriving and the sieges and battles would continue without assistance for Ariamoral at this point. Notably, morale was at a significant low for the Latimer fleet after suffering yet another loss.

    Siege of Valtyr

    Meanwhile, the siege of the Valtyr capital raged on. With battering rams at the ready as well as the arrival of a new general, General Amorak Oakenforge, the attack upon the city was now well in progress.The dug in Ariamoral troops did their best to deter an attack on the city walls, now being led by Sylvia Reinard who had somehow managed to make her way to the capital and find her way inside. With a seasoned General now assisting with the capital’s defences, the loyal troops of Valtyr had a chance in fighting back the oncoming force. Still, they fought on for their liege taking minor casualties from return volleys while the battering rams hammered at the city gates. What seemed like hours went by and, even with having to replace some of the siege equipment as the fortification was assaulted, eventually the large wooden reinforced gates showed signs of cracking and splintering. General Reinard ordered that the city streets be readied for attack but this order perhaps might have come just a little too late. The Dwarven General lifted his weapon, ordering the Breizh and Harhold troops to press on, regardless of the arrow fire and casualties from the assault. The doors continued to creak and cry, giving way to the bombardment until eventually, the inevitable came and the doors crashed down at the od Albion force pressed on inside the walls. The battle was fierce and General Reinard’s strategies, while well thought out, just were unable to cut it as the troops were mowed down and scattered through the city.

    Within hours, the od Albion led troops under Amorak Oakenforge took the cities governance as political prisoners, including General Sylvia Reinard, and after subduing the rest of the Ariamoral loyal troops within the capital itself, raised od Albion banners from the walls of the city, effectively announcing to the region that Valtyr was now entirely under od Albion control. Casualties from both side were moderate, the od Albion’s losses mostly resulting from the siege on the doors while the Ariamoral casualties stemmed from the attack within the city itself. Very few citizens dared rise in revolt against their captors for obvious reasons. Most merely wanted life to continue and food to find their plates. Thus, in totality, the Valtyr region of the Ariamoral lands fell into full od Albion occupation, Sylvia Reinard was captured and imprisoned as a prisoner of war, pending reclamation from Ariamoral should it come.

    The Adventures of Vulmar, Coen and Alaric

    Much like the week prior, the merry band of Mercenaries continued their coastal roaming across to Coltyr, establishing a defence with their combined token force to help slow the tide of any potential reinforcement landing. However, with the blockade still holding, these reinforcements would not come, at least not from the coast, which again meant that the mercenaries enjoyed a nice, fully paid beach holiday in Kintyr with not a single casualty thus far.

    Coltyr Field Battle

    Pushing through from their magnificent victory the week before, Tyrael od Albion and his force of 15,000 men, now backed by the Military philosopher he had rescued marched forward with morale held significantly high toward the Ariamoral capital of Coltyr. After Ariamoral’s defeat, the land army now defending the capital could only muster numbers totalling 6,000. Outnumbered 2:1 and without a General, the force continued a tactical retreat as best as they could, taking minor casualties in small, stalling skirmishes in various townships across Coltyr as the Tyrael od Albion led force won small battle, after small battle, from numbers and General knowledge alone. Surprisingly, even without a General the Ariamoral force sacrificed just enough of their own men to be minute to damage their overall defensive whilst also ensuring they had a successful retreat back to Coltyr’s capital city.

    What appeared to be successive victories somehow were a ruse from the Ariamoral forces to buy themselves just enough time to sally back to the city and start bolstering the defenses from inside the walls, this time buying Coltyr some time to prepare proper siege defences. Once the force was inside, Tyrael and his army stormed the area surrounding the capital, and much like Harhold, ordered trenches to be dug, trees to be cut and readied into battering rams. Arrows rained from the walls a few times every hour, causing minimal casualties. It would appear that, although the od Albion force managed to march on Coltyr’s capital, in truth commendation and laurels ought to have found themselves at the feet of the Ariamoral forces who, despite the odds stacked heavily against them, managed to ensure their full numbers fell behind sturdy walls awaiting the siege to begin. This however, did not mean they were out of the fire just yet, in fact, it may just be the frying pan they just hopped into.

    The Attack of Ara

    While all this unfolded in Ariamoral territory, word had reached Od Albion forces in Sonmes to the South to begin marching on the Reinard controlled territory of Ara. The force of 12,000 without a General leading it marched their way into Ara, taking townlands who had very little time to mobilise, having clearly not expected such a brazen attack from od Albion at this point in the Kintyr conflicts. Having being taken by surprise, the Reinard army was forced to mobilise in defence of the capital which the od Albion troop would slowly advance towards throughout the week. However, with no Generals at either side, the assault would be a slow and steady one throughout the week until Reinard’s assembled force in Ara could mobilise a little more organised to handle the sudden attack.

    With this in mind, the Reinard troops opted to bolster the capital’s defences, acknowledging that eventually the od Albion forces would be forced to have to capture it so, to allow for time to react and plan, they stayed put while Tyrael’s men made short work of small militias in varying villages. Granted, most of the citizens surrendered upon seeing the force, so for both sides this was very much moot at this point. Od Albion made progress through the territory but neither Reinard or he lost many, if any men, at all.

    Meanwhile, in Harhold owned Westbroek

    Amidst all the fighting in Kintyr and the kicking off conflict now in Harhold controlled Vlissinghelm, Latimer sought an opportunity to make some gains. He sent 6,000 troops under the command of Emmeline Latimer to Westbroek, landing her off the coast with absolutely no troubles. This army then began looting the villages, farmlands and coast of any valuables, which, surprisingly (or perhaps unsurprisingly to those that know Harhold’s lands) there werent a lot of. Most of the villages had little to no people left in them, only a few elderly and sick as most were called away and mobilised elsewhere in preparation for the war with Reinard. Still, Emmeline kept to her orders and took what she could. The Latimer force ravaged the land, upturning most of the homes in search of valuables, and after taking some trinkets, tools, animals, nothing of real value, adhered to further orders and retreated back to their ships, sailing away with miniscule spoils to Hellaria.



    - Valtyr now is in full occupation of od Albion (Now likely Harhold)
    - Sylvia Reinard has been captured as a political prisoner of war.
    - od Albion (now Harhold) forces are beginning their siege of the Coltyr Capital, no losses either side.
    - od Albion (Now Harhold) troops, are traversing the countryside of Ara in preparation to siege Ara's Capital, no losses either side.
    - The od Albion (Now Harhold) Blockade still remains strong and holding.
    - Vulmar and Co discover prime holiday locations in Kintyr
    - Latimer raids Westbroek countryside then flees. ​
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    Incredible story writing.
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    If war means we get to see more of this, then I want more war!!
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