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    Rules regarding War Declarations
    War Declarations can be submitted against any participant in the factions world, be they a great house or a province. Houses can attack other houses, houses can attack provinces and provinces can attack provinces. Raids can be done by any faction and target any faction.
    • As leader, officer, or war leader of a Great House you are able to declare war on another Great House. This is achieved by simply posting a thread (use this form) on the war declarations section and following the instructions.
    • Once a war is approved you can declare battles against your opponent or their Vassals.
    • Surrender terms have to include a regal tribute as an option.
    • Loss of Crisis of Nobles points is unacceptable as a surrender tribute, as points will be lost and awarded upon successful conclusion of a war. Losing points is simply a side effect of the war’s result.
    • Allies are automatically included in the war declaration, unless their war leader states explicitly otherwise.
    • Battles between provinces do not warrant points as they are not part of the Crisis of Nobles great house system. You can still, however, go to war with each other and attempt to get either party to surrender.
    5 points per war victory. Not capped.

    War victory against an enemy Great House grants 5 points. The defeated Great House will lose 3 points. A war is an ongoing declaration between two factions. Wars can only occur between two Great Houses. To win a war, one must convince the opposing Great House to surrender. To declare war, you must apply using the template within the following link: War declarations

    Battles (Only applicable when great houses are involved)
    A victorious attacking Great House gains +1 point. Not capped.

    Once a Great House has declared war on another and it has been approved by a staff member, they can then announce battles in general chat by saying:

    “[Faction] declares a battle on [Faction]!”

    (If the battle occurs at a Vassal of the Great House, the location must be included in the battle declaration.)

    Once the battle is announced, deaths on all sides involved will be counted for one hour, providing they are members of, vassals of, or allies of the Great Houses at war. In order to make things easier for the staff team these battles only count if the war leader from either side replies to the war declaration with the date and time the battle occurred. A battle can also be led against a Vassal of the Great House, however a Vassal can not start a battle or war, but they can raid other factions (as can any faction). However, Crisis of Nobles points are not awarded for common raids.

    Battles will have a determined victor based on the number of kills and deaths from each side. If the Great Houses wish to gain points from the battle then: the time, number of deaths per side, and which Great Houses and factions participated (allies, vassals and non-Crisis of Nobles faction players included) must be noted within a post-battle report. This report is done by replying to the related war declaration thread of the Great House against the opponent on the forum.

    Battles can only occur around the faction area of a Great House or their vassals. Battles can not occur at random places in the wilderness, or other places not in logical connection to one of the participating Great Houses. However, raids unrelated to Crisis of Nobles can still occur anywhere, without a battle declaration. An individual player may only have two deaths counted toward the final kill tally of a battle, with any more deaths from that same player not counting toward the final score of that specific battle. This is enforced to encourage players to defend, and to discourage the repeated killing of non-combatants.

    Furthermore, there are no limits to how often you can declare battles.

    • Victory in battle against an enemy Great House will grant the attacking faction 1 point.
    • If Great House A attacks Great House B and wins by up to 2 kills, Great House A gains 1 point.
    • If Great House A attacks Great House B and wins by 3 or more kills, Great House A gains 1 point, and Great House B loses 1 point.
    • If Great House A attacks a vassal of Great House B and gets up to 2 kills, neither Great House gains or loses points.
    • If Great House A attacks a vassal of Great House B and gets 3 or more kills, Great House A gains 1 point.
    • When Great House A attacks Great House B, and Great House B wins, Great House B gain points equivalent to the number of kills they win by ([x+1]/2) rounded down, where x is the number of kills they win by). This means the more kills a defending faction wins by, the more points they gain. A difference of 1 kill will grant 1 point, and it scales up by a factor of two kills per increasing point. Example. 3 kills is 2 points, 5 kills is 3 points, 7 kills is 4 points, etc.
    • If both Great House A and B fight and the battle ends in a draw (anything other than 0-0), the defending side gains a point.
    Victory Prizes
    The victors of a war will receive the following prizes if they have an active War Declaration on the losing faction:

    • A unique, handcrafted War Trophy Item commemorating their victory.
    • Victory status on the forums.
    • The agreed surrender term, once it has been approved by staff.
    If two factions agreed on a surrender tribute it will be enforced by the staff team, provided there are both proof of the conditions and payment or trade. You may not surrender in the name of others, and neither may you accept a surrender in the name of others. Surrender terms may only be issued and accepted by War Leaders, and surrender terms are subject to negotiation.

    It is recommended for players to use the new max tribute guideline which is (x*10)+50 where x is equal to the legitimate members of the defending faction (alts are discounted).

    Forced Surrender
    Forced surrenders are a concept that allow for wars to be ended once certain conditions have been met. Forced surrenders can only be invoked in situations that involve a great house in a war i.e. house vs. house or house vs. liege province. Forced surrenders do not exist between province vs. province

    • A great house must win a minimum of 10 battles for a forced surrender to be possible.
    • A great house must also have 30 kills total, across all their battles with their enemy.
    • So, if a faction has 10 battles won and 21 kills, a forced surrender is not invoked until the faction achieves 30 kills across all battles declared.
    • Draws will not be counted in kill tallies. If a faction draws 5-5, neither faction gains any advantage on their kill tally or battle victory tally.
    • For a forced surrender to be valid, the faction attempting to invoke a forced surrender must have 10 more kills for their overall kill tally to invoke a forced surrender.
      • If Faction A has declared 10 battles on Faction B and has gotten 32 kills. While Faction B has declared 11 battles and has gotten 29 kills. Neither party can invoke a forced surrender as one of them must gain 10 kills of a lead. So Faction A must get 39 kills for the forced surrender to be valid.
    • A faction must provide at least one regal sum and one alternative surrender term. Surrender terms must also be reasonable. Joining as a CoN ally is fine. Enforcing a truce is also acceptable. Forcing a losing faction to drop from Crisis of Nobles is not.
    Alliance Wars
    Factions may declare wars as coordinated alliances. Factions coordinating their attacks on a single or multiple factions are seen as an alliance.

    War Leaders
    War leaders are the players that represent all other members of a Faction Alliance. In most cases, this would mean the leader or the officers of the faction that posts the war declaration. War Leader status may be swapped during the war. Anyone ranked Officer or above is automatically considered a War Leader for their respective faction.

    Breaking the rules or trying to find loopholes around the system for personal benefit will be punished. Any abuse of potential loopholes will be dealt with swiftly, and if either side of a war feels loopholes are being abused, a ticket must be submitted in game, or a report must be created on the forums.

    For generic raid information, please consult the Wiki.
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