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    War Declaration Rules

    • New Factions (that have existed for under 30 days) can only be raided for maximum of 3 hour per week. (Raid timer starts from the first instance of stepping on the enemy factions Territory and ends exactly three hour later).
    • Factions under 30 days cannot be declared upon unless they declare war themselves first. Thus voiding their protection.
    • Max Tribute = 25+(20*x) where x is the number of members in the smaller faction .
    • After a War Declaration has been created and approved, raid time is unlimited.
    • Max tribute must always be offered as a surrender term, otherwise, the declaration is void.
    • A sum of regals is not the only surrender term allowed, there are many others that can be requested. If requests are material value, the amount will be based on the standard market price of these items, equaling the value of max tribute.
    • Once a faction has surrendered, there is a 20 day enforced truce between the two factions. The attacking faction cannot break this truce, the defending faction can. It can be extended by the two factions agreeing amongst themselves. The winning faction can be punished if they break the truce within the 20 day period.
    • The winning faction will be rewarded a war trophy, a one-of-a-kind item created to celebrate the victor’s success over their enemy.
    • Once a faction surrenders, the staff team will enforce the surrender terms.
    • Alt factions may not declare war or have war declared upon them. Daughter factions are treated as normal factions, as such they may declare war and be declared upon.
    • Disbanding your faction and recreating it to prevent yourself from reaching 1 month and being declared war on is illegal.
    • The raid week resets on Saturday at 11:59PM EST.
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