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    "With these hands, I will not break.
    With these hands, I will rebuild."

    Character Information

    ⊳ Name: Vrenn
    ⊳ Race: Bralona (Bronn)
    ⊳ Age: 485 Years
    ⊳ Date of Birth: May 21st, 175 BC
    Zodiac: Gemini
    Gender: Gender-neutral | They/Them
    Sexuality: Asexual

    Core Concept
    A Bralona of the First Generation, who took part in the "invasion," now seeking forgiveness for their gruesome role in it.

    ⊳ An honest and upstanding soul trying to always put their best foot forward, yet struggles to grasp modern concepts and get accustomed to Regalia, like most Bralona do. Things outside their control generally frustrate them, yet they rarely make it known when such is the case.

    ⊳ Swore off on taking lives ever since the "invasion." Will defend themselves if cornered, however.

    Appearance Information
    Most notably, Vrenn's head resembles that of an arachnid; several bright lights and the shape of his helm making up this spider's visage. Just the two violet lights at the front of his head really serve as eyes, though.

    Vrenn is a tall figure, standing at a height of about 6'3, with a slim frame. Despite this, they wear fairly simple and loose-fitting robes. Usually something bright red, with the matching darker cloth to serve as a fitting contrast.

    Combat Style
    ✧ Spy


    Strength: 2
    Wisdom: 4
    Dexterity: 5
    Intelligence: 3
    Tech Exhaust (from Race)
    Tech Charge
    ✧ Technology Branch: Leytech (from Race)
    Constitution: 0
    Faith: 0
    Magic: 0

    ✧ Common
    ✧ Brix


    ✧ Technology Hobby

    Life Story / Plot Hooks
    One of the many First Generation Bralona who spent the longest part of their lives at Basalon until the day of the invasion, doing as the Ley-Cores ordered, then later finding an interest in assembling technology once the Ley-Tech began shutting itself down.

    310 AC
    The day of the invasion is a jarring memory. Vrenn remembers only key details, and what they do remember is far from pleasant; their own metal frame stood in a pool of crimson, with three soldiers at their feet, dead. Come the end of the invasion, Vrenn makes a vow never to kill again.


    Vrenn commits themselves to living a mostly peaceful life, focusing their efforts on helping, rather than harming the people of the Regalian Empire. Even though it's not always at first succesful, they also seek to learn as much as they possibly can about their new home.

    Trying to put as much distance as they can between themselves and past events.

    Maybe they'll forgive themselves for it, someday.
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    Will add more to this as I develop the character!
    In the meantime, this oughta do lol.
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    • Removed "Focus Command" from the Intelligence section (Pack was already in use in another section).

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