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    Rock the Vote

    Fellow MassiveCraftians, we call upon you all to do your civic duty, and vote! We’ve implemented some long-overdue voting changes that should provide you with more rewards, for less work! We’ve reduced the number of voting sites to four, so you don’t have that pesky list filing your chat window! Narrowing the list down to four keeps the process short and simple! But never, fear because in addition…

    Voting Rewards have increased to 10 Regals per Vote!

    That’s 40 Regals a day for helping your server with just a few clicks.

    Now, we’ve removed the item drops you normally get from voting...

    However, you will now receive a Voting Key every four votes!

    That’s one key a day, with a chance to win an assortment of crates from our shop! Head over to /tp crates and exchange them for a Peasant, Citizen, Scholar, Builder, Marshall, or Emperor crate!

    We hope these changes make voting for our wonderful community neat, quick, and rewarding for everyone!

    So hop onto the server, type /vote, and show MassiveCraft some love!
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