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    Hi. This is a really late introduction and I'm pretty tired atm hopefully this will do. But hey, my Irl is Kevan (No, not Kevin) I live in Indonesia (Far, far away country in Asia), and I like arts and really enjoy playing video games, RPG like Elder Scrolls, The Witcher, etc etc. Ohh, I used to play Dota 2, a lot, but not anymore ever since I found out how fun could rp really be. My first day in Massive was not pleasant, I'm confused as hell soo after a week, I left the server. A year after, I logged in back to the server, found an rp faction and they taught me how to rp and all that stuff, that's when my addiction to Massivecraft start.

    Yeah so, If you have any question you'd like to ask, ask them and I'll answer it (Probably) And nice to meet you.
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