Player Progression Story Violent Visions Of The End

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    An afternoon like any other, the Mages of Regalia were on their way doing whatever it was they did. Some were with friends, some were out doing chores and shopping, some yet were working for the noble lords, some were planning the downfall of the Empire, and some yet were hiding in countryside cottages, awaiting what was to come. Some had been warned that a violent vision would occur again, and occur it would. Just as the clock struck 6 PM, all Mages across the Regalian Isle, regardless of affiliation to Void or Exist, received the same violent vision that began with an onset of full waking paralysis, followed by an attack on the visual and auditory senses.

    They were forced to witness a vision of corners and hallways of flesh, or eyes in walls that rapidly dilated and rotated looking for prey. Of clickers stalking the darker recesses of the Rift below, and of the large tunnels that formed a network of veins, leading to a corrupted beating heart. They could not see what this heart looked like, but they felt that it was the center of all of Regalia’s woes over the past months, the prize which the Regalians had sought after to destroy. They were forced to see many visions of possible futures, like whatever hand that had put these images in their head had tried many different ways to solve the same problem.

    In one vision, guards sallied forth and attacked the heart, which burst and unleashed a massive wave of Void Essence, melting and corrupting everything in its way. Another vision showcased an unleashing of Exist Essence that caused strange winged creatures with metal masks and white flaming swords to burst forth and put the Regalians to the sword. Another saw a Dragon spew lightning at it, with a kickback of Void Essence that turned the Dragon into a proper Void Dragon. All of these seemed to spell doom, but then the final vision offered salvation.

    In this final vision, many Mages were circled around the heart which they still could not perceive in this vision. They saw each other, perhaps even could interact with one another, for while this was a future vision, it seemed a waking one, where all those who had the same vision were seemingly present in the same reality in their mind. It was then that they all used the heart as the source of power, both Void and Exist alike, drawing from it as a Conduit for their Magical Essences, to spew forth spells to drain the well, as if someone had taken an axe to a barrel of ale and let it all wash out on the floor.

    Hellstorms of fire, ice, flashing lights, thunder, flocks of carrion and winds of death, spells muplied fourfold, tenfold, a hundredfold swirled around causing a magical maelstrom aimed at the sky, as the Mages funneled the essence from the Heart away, draining it and using up all its force with their wildly unleashing spells. And before long, the Heart seemed to wane, the fleshy soil withered and the meat that had been festering in the heart of Regalia turned back to stone.

    It was here that the Mages were torn back to reality, and whatever had given them this vision, the message was clear. It had foreseen many futures, but determined that only one could succeed to finally end the Clicker Crisis. While it was true that many groups had their own parts to play, somehow, the Mages knew that if they could against the odds be helped to reach the Heart of the Rift, then they could cut off the power of the Clickers and the Infestation once and for all, and draw the final closing of the Clicker Crisis. This was the End game.

    Note: This information is only IC available to Mages.
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