Vincenzo Dei Toreno

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    Character Information
    • Full Name: Vincenzo dei Toreno
    • Race: Feka Asha (Rakhet - Ailor)
    • Age: 22
    • Sex/Gender: Cisgender Male [He/Him]
    • Sexuality: Unexplored
    • Eye Color: Amber, with split pupils
    Core Concept
    • Vincenzo would consider himself agnostic though the Feka does have a moderate respect for religion, particularly Unionism, due to the pious beliefs of the orphanage he was raised in.
    • A gentle giant with a love for baking, Vincenzo stands as a stoic albeit solicitous wall of support for friends, colleagues and even strangers. Despite his usually reserved and polite nature, he is quick to temper and won't hesitate to end a fight even before it's begun.
    Proficiency Information
    • +15 Fist Combat
    • +5 Two-hand Blunt Combat
    • +5 Strength Training
    • +9 Roguery
    • +9 Metallurgy
    • +3 Linguistics
    • +10 Baking Arts (+5 Hobby, +5 Boost)
    • + 5 Cooking Arts (+5 Hobby)
    • +2 Free points
    Body Stat: 20 Cap

    Ability Information
    • Asha Racials:
      • Body Claws 1
      • Body Tail 1
      • Asha Agility 1
      • Skin Purge 1
      • Living Metal 1
      • Living Metal 2
      • Living Metal 3
      • Living Metal 4
    • Roguery:
      • Burglary Pack
      • Wall Climb 3
      • Rogue Gift 4
    • Metallurgy:
      • Weapon Metallurgy
      • Armour Metallurgy
      • Iron Family Metallurgy
    • Strength Training:
      • Great Force 1
    • Common (Free)
    • Ibeth (Parent)
    • Dressolini (Linguistics)
    Appearance Information
    • Vincenzo is a mundane Feka Asha with no unique features.
    • Vincenzo's care for his appearance is apparent in his dress, donning satin shirts and leather pants, typical of Dressolini fashion. He stands at a jarring 6'10" with a muscular body type. His features are sharp, accompanied by feline amber eyes and a sallow complexion.
    Life Story

    • Born to a Rakhet mother and Ailor father in the slums of Toreno. At eight years old, Vincenzo was left to fend for himself after his mother was slain on a family trip to Regalia. As a result, he was scooped off the street and dumped into the local Almshouse. On account of his reserved nature, the halfbreed never went out of his way to make friends or much of a connection with anyone, leaving him to waste away in the background. Fortunately enough, he preferred this to the company of his fellow orphans so he actually had quite a pleasant childhood despite the circumstances.
    • At the ripe age of sixteen, Vincenzo met Kozmo, who had just been beaten up by a gang of bullies and stuffed into a dumpster. Vincenzo, as per his routine boxing training, persevered and came to the younger Feka’s aid, successfully scaring off the bullies for good. Whether it be out of pity or a self-imposed sense of duty, his alliance with the scrappy little Feka remained as it would for the rest of time; Begrudgingly permanent. Partners in crime.
    • Vincenzo became Kozmo's personal guard, accompanying the genius through every nefarious scheme and con. During this time, he took up a handful of skills that would prove useful on their travels; baking, metalwork and roguery.
    • After the infamous burning of Old Crookback, Vincenzo was left penniless and silently yearning for vengeance which eventually drove him to the city.
    Progression Information
    Warrior 2, Rogue 1
    • Powerful Powerful x 1
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