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    NOTE: The below change has been rescinded, as we're going to take some more time considering whether this change is appropriate before moving ahead, and trying to give more options to the Supremiums on what colors they want to have. We hear you on this one.

    The reasoning for this change was the difficulty of the dark blue name being very difficult to see in chats, but this change can be circumvented by the use of faction colors, and we're looking into other solutions as well. In the future, more communication on how and why these changes are made will be relayed to the playerbase.

    - LumosJared, Direction, PR.

    We’re sure the players have noticed as they’ve logged on throughout the day that the colors of players names have changed!

    “What do these colors mean?”
    “These aren’t the ally and enemy colors so what are they?”

    Well the answer is simple! The colored tags for Premium, Supremium, and Favorites has changed! All ranks kept the same badges as before, simply changing the color of your username in chat.

    Premium is yellow as below:


    Supremium is now a nice golden color:


    Favorited people are now a teal color:


    Staff colors remain the same blue:


    These changed are already in effect so you will see them as soon as you log on! Let us know of any constructive feedback for the changes on this post, we as staff would love to hear the communities opinion on them!​

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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by seoulmate, Jul 15, 2019.

    1. MonMarty
      Imagine being able to change rank colors with MongoDB changes live, within a minute, without even restarting the server, and 1.13 update requiring off-line test-server coding.
    2. CnocBride
      That is a massive oversimplification of the entire process of adding gameplay elements to the server. 1.13 is a massive update and you as a self professed coder should understand that.
    3. ZiHAMMER
      You still suck.
    4. 4tv
    5. aprader1
      Imagine having an entire year to do it
    6. aprader1
    7. 65jes89
    8. 4tv
      imagine doing it for free
    9. 4tv
    10. aprader1
      Did you read the ones that said it worked at least enough to be useable and on 1.14?
    11. aprader1
      What did this have to do with anything?
    12. 4tv
      usable isn't good enough?? lol
    13. CnocBride
      It demonstrates the irony that you complain about the Tech Department taking their time with a Minecraft update but fail to see your own failings as a Tech aspirant i.e. unable to install the software by which the Tech Department codes.

      So please, leave it here. They are working non stop. Don't attempt to use your memery as a way of expressing your concern and disgust at the current stage of a project. It is really hard to take it serious when you were unable to contribute to the team yourself.
    14. aprader1
      That was years ago. That isn’t relevant now. We have been waiting for 1.13 for so long and it’s taking way longer than expected. On top of that there’s been random stuff like color changes no one asked for and no one likes. This time should be going to 1.13
    15. aprader1
      I would expect a staff member to be more professional and not insult its players. If you have a problem with me then you can say it to my face
    16. CnocBride
      I am not trying to insult you, I am only stating facts. I would never really put much thought towards a memey post, it's the fact that you were once in our position that annoys me personally. I'm trying to get you to realize the sheer magnitude of the work that the Tech Department and you more than a lot of people should know that since you had the privilege of serving under that department.

      Edit: Color changes do not require any coding (which is what takes up a large amount of Tech time). They were done through MongoDB changes which happen instantaneously or on restart (I would need to ask).

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