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    PvP Tournament:


    Do you like fighting alone? Or do you prefer to fight with a partner? Well, you’re in luck! We will be holding a PvP Tournament with a 1v1 bracket and a 2v2 bracket for those who enjoy fighting alongside a partner.

    This event will take place on November 17th at 2pm EST/7pm GMT

    Now, onto the most exciting part: rewards!
    • First Place will receive their choice of one of the following: 250 Regals, 5 McMMO skill levels, a custom piece of armor, a custom weapon, or a custom vanity item.
      If you are a part of a faction participating in CoN as either a Great House or Province, you will receive five CoN points in addition to the prize of your choice!
    • Second place will receive their choice of 150 Regals or a custom weapon!​
    • Third Place will receive their choice of 75 Regals or a custom weapon!​
    If you win and choose a custom item/weapon as your prize, a staff member will contact you after the tournament--some restrictions will apply.

    All Usual Rules Apply
    No McMMO potions.
    2. No Go-Go Juice
    3. No knockback weapons
    4. No disguises
    5. No debuffs
    6. No God Apples

    All interested participants should reply to this thread with the below information to register for the tournament. All interested parties should sign up no later than November 16th.

    IG Name:
    Faction Name:
    1v1 or 2v2:
    If 2v2, who is your partner?


    Game Staff Changes:

    As of this past week, the leadership of the Game Department has been passed directly to the Direction team. The passing of leadership is to help with some much-needed restructuring of the Game department. For the duration of this restructuring, LumosJared will be acting as the Game Dept Head while we get everything reorganized. Our hope in restructuring the Department is to help improve productivity while reducing the immense amount of paperwork and training currently required by Game staff members.

    With this clean-up and restructuring, we are opening our doors for a new wave of aspirants to come in and help us to launch all of the exciting things we have planned. If you have ever considered potentially becoming a member of the Game Department, now is the time to submit your application to join the team. Whether you are new to the server or a veteran who has been with us for several years, please consider submitting an application to join the team in helping our Survival/Factions world grow.

    We are also looking to add more members of our PVP community to our Factions Discord to help contribute to the discussions that guide staff on the decisions that are made in regard to our Factions/Survival/PVP world. If you have an idea on how to make our worlds better, this is the place to discuss it--and we want to hear from you!

    You can join the Factions Discord using this link:

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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by seoulmate, Nov 7, 2018.

    1. Winterless
      Last edited: Nov 16, 2018
    2. Wooperr
      Regal reward needs to be significantly higher. Make it 1000r, 600r, 300r at least and I guarantee more people will sign up to at least give it a try. PvP tourneys rarely happen, the rewards need to be worth it. Also, what world is this happening in? Do we have sharding for this?
    3. hardname12
      what he said
    4. hardname12
      IGN: Hardname
      Faction: Wyvern 1v1 and 2v2
      Partner Wooperr
      Last edited: Nov 7, 2018
    5. hardname12
      Also can you change to the picture to a fight that I won my mc pride is hurting from that picture
    6. Lord_ArchAngel
      IGN- Lord_ArchAngel
      Faction: Celestial
    7. Creamiest
      IG Name: SummerWhine
      Faction Name: Insani
      1v1 or 2v2: 1v1
      If 2v2, who is your partner?: Are you implying because I'm a woman I need a man to hold my hand?
    8. Creamiest
      Ngl 250r isn't worth me cramping my hand up when I could buy 250r for like $3
    9. Winterless

      if not, Event world
    10. GrumpyGirl314
      Just so it's clear, the winner gets to choose ONE of the prizes, they don't get the entire list. If the regals isn't worth it, then what of the 5 skill levels in mcmmo added on top of your current skills? Or your own custom weapon to carry around as a trophy?
    11. Winterless
    12. CnocBride
      Fantastic work as always, guys.
    13. Testl
      IG Name: qyest
      Faction Name: Novorra
      1v1 or 2v2: 1v1
      If 2v2, who is your partner?


      Attached Files:

      Last edited: Nov 8, 2018
    14. Testl
      Oh, and before I forget... Do we have to bring our own gear, or will it be supplied for us?
    15. hardname12
      bring your own gear scrub
    16. Testl
      I'm coming for u nerd ·︻̷┻̿═━一
    17. Lord_ArchAngel
      5 McMMO Skill level means nothing it doesnt take that long to get 5 levels.. The other rewards are just garbage. Higher Regal prizes needed
    18. Winterless
      I'll provide it for them if it isn't already done by the tournament itself on the day xx
    19. hardname12
      gl with that one chieftan
    20. Testl
      So your saying you’ll give me equipment, if I don’t have any on the day of the tournament?
    21. Suzzie
      I think you’ve become a jack of all trades now.
    22. hardname12
      I don't have equipment for the tournament can I have some please
    23. Testl
      I bet u actually do scrub, imma poor boi and have nothing!!
    24. BlueChaos
      IG Name: BlueChaos
      Faction Name: Enigma
      1v1 or 2v2: 1v1
      If 2v2, who is your partner?
    25. CreeperGirl769
      IG Name: CreeperGirl769
      Faction Name: None
      1v1 or 2v2:1v1
    26. Nexdy
      IGN: Nexdy
      Faction: Argost
      1v1 or 2v2: 1v1
    27. Violettee
      Custom weapons for 2nd and 3rd place devalues custom weapon at 1st place considering very few will attend anyway. Regal amount is awful too I agree.
    28. Chalsie
      IG Name: Chalsie
      Faction Name: Lumina
      1v1 or 2v2: 1v1 and 2v2
      Partner: Kryptak
      Last edited: Nov 17, 2018

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