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    In the PR Department, we recently had a meeting discussing future projects and what we could do after the stepping back of SpunSugar. Something that I decided I would like to pursue is more spotlights, competitions, and content for the factions community!

    I'd like for this thread to be used as a place for discussion to tell me what exactly it is you'd like to see in the future in the form of competitions and any other additional content. We already have a build competition in the works so use the poll below to vote for a theme or suggest another one in the comments!

    The competitions aren't only just for the factions community - anybody can participate, so I'd love to hear from everyone about what genre of competitions they'd like to participate in. Also please do leave suggestions in the comments below about who/what faction I should do a spotlight on next.

    Something I would like to set in stone and announce, however, is the upcoming artists spotlight! We have so much creativity here on Massivecraft, that it's a shame not to show it off. I'm going to start to do a weekly showcase on the artists of massivecraft for both the forums and all of our social media accounts. So, if you consent to us sharing your work and would like to give a short interview with me, please contact me over discord!

    If you're going to participate and suggest, a simple rule is, please remain civil. Do not attack anyone who may have suggested something you don't like, and just try to keep the discussion as on track as possible.

    This post was written by @Ryria. Anyone who is interested in the artists spotlight should message her on discord at Ryria#6034.

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What theme would you like to see for the upcoming build competition?

  1. Mythological Creatures

    15 vote(s)
  2. Palaces & Castles

    18 vote(s)
  3. Mysterious Temples

    4 vote(s)
  4. Underwater Fantasy

    12 vote(s)
  5. Ancient Ruins

    20 vote(s)
  6. Wildlife and Natural Wonders

    7 vote(s)


Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by Battlebrawn, Mar 19, 2020.

    1. Mojaven
      Player skin contest with a theme of what the skin should be.
      Perhaps a special mob that spawns seasonally.
      I really like @BlueChaos 's treasure maps. perhaps a treasure map for the new world coming out?
    2. Walnoodle
      As a member of the large group of writers and lore story posters on the server, I definitely would like to see some more writing contests! We did do one last October, with a spooky theme and it was very enjoyable. So please, a return of writing contests or perhaps even doing writer spotlights or something similar! <3
    3. BogeyBanshee
      Ffs I was gonna do an artists thread and now staff are doing it too. Well, at least the creative club will be backed by staff now, meaning more options of expression. Not everyone can draw, but it makes it easier for beginners to get involved with build competitions and other projects. I highly agree with this decision of strengthening the art community. That teaches me a lesson for sitting on an idea for too long. I'll still do it tho cause I'll have fun. I guess the next step for event makers would be finding how many types of creativity is there in our player community.

      Also can you add a building comp category for building historical places like cities and towns or farms? We got some history AU builders.
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    4. Ryria
      I’m so sorry, I didn’t realise you were already planning something like this!

      Also, the Creative Club discord is not backed by staff. While there are staff members in there, it’s completely player run, and I believe they like to be kept separate from massivecraft! (Correct me if I’m wrong. @Senpah)

      I will definitely keep in mind the AU building theme for future competitions, too, but for now we’ll stick to the ones on the poll.

      I’ll make a note of these suggestions, too! Expect to see some writing competitions in the future and skinning ones, too.
    5. BogeyBanshee
      Thanks a lot! I haven't met them yet actually I'll get in contact with them, maybe they'll be friendly. I used "creative-club" coincidentally.
    6. grizenator
      You guys cucked over @Violettee underwater competition
    7. Ryria
      It’s been months since that thread was posted and I hadn’t seen anything related to it mentioned since. Is this still ongoing? If so, I will wait until it’s conclusion to host anything of my own.
    8. Jalapeno690
      @Battlebrawn @Ryria could you confirm the rumour that PR staff don’t wish to do faction or faction player spotlights in case of being ddosed??? This was brought up at the recent faction player meeting
    9. Jalapeno690
      Also I think it brilliant that you wish to persue more faction spotlights, feel free to call over to Helvetica anytime :)
    10. seoulmate
      This is simply not true.
    11. Jalapeno690
      Fair enough, just a quote from a prominent female member of both the rp and factions community who is close to Spun, however if it is not true? Why the lack of factions related PR? Just curious, not looking an argument :)
    12. Ryria
      Hi! I was actually going to do a factions spotlight some time ago, but I was a little bit worried about who I could approach because of the whole duping situation, I didn’t know who was involved or not and I didn’t want to accidentally give one to someone who had been in trouble. Not only that, but since I have all my roleplay questions already prepared, it’s been quite easy to push out those spotlights while I’ve been strapped for time.

      I hope that with this little project of mine, however, I’ll be able to push out more content for the factions community, and I hope you’ll like it! I’m open to any form of suggestion or feedback from any of you, just send me a message. :)
    13. Jalapeno690
      No problem! This is quite refreshing to hear and I commend you for this! Sure add me on discord at jalapeno690#5790 and we can get the ball rolling on any spotlights or questions you have sure or even if you would like I could give you a tour of my city Helvetica
    14. Violettee
      I was under the impression that it was backed by staff, no one has been in contact with me, no one posted it to the discord besides me, Since battlebrawn posted the initial thread for me I've heard nothing. I'm also not sure who I'm supposed to be communicating with for me to initiate contact. Then I saw one of your options here was "Under water fantasy", I don't want the credit, I just want it to go ahead because I thought it would be fun for the players and good for the new world/version.
    15. Ryria
      I had left staff at the time this was made, so I’m not sure what you spoke about with Battlebrawn, but if you’d like to start a DM conversation with me I would be more than happy to provide any assistance needed with getting the ball rolling. Send me a message with what you would want/need doing and I’ll make sure to get it done!

      (Also, I wasn’t actually aware of your competition until it was pointed out to me by that comment and I went and searched it up on the forums. I’m so sorry if it seemed like I was taking your idea.)
    16. Ryria

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