United We Stand

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    'United we stand, Divided we fall'. It's a phrase I've heard so many times before growing up in a warrior-oriented Isldar hold, and it's never been more true than it is now. You may not know who I am. Actually, I'd be surprised if you did. My name is Theodore Kee'lyth and I'm a boy who frequents PetalCourt. The truth is, we have never been more divided, yet together than we are now. I'm talking to you, whether you're a Violet Order Guard, a Nobleman, a Cahal, a Brood, an Archblood, even some that are Vampiric. I'm calling on you all to unite under a common enemy, the common enemy.
    The only way we will make it through this is if we all fight as one. I don't care what your differences or past quarrels are. I want to see Humans and Nelfin sharing supplies, Cielothar and Kathar fighting side by side, Qadir and Isldar tending to wounds, Vampires and Cahal collecting information. Raise your swords, this is a call for help. We can make it through this if we work together.
    The foundations for this have been built. There are noble estates being converted into survivor camps, I've seen Exist and Void fighting along side, Primal and Ordial healing each other. This CAN happen and it WILL happen. I need you to be a catalyst to this change, I need you to break down your previously set boundaries of who can be trusted. You are the spark, you are the change. Together, we can heal the city and restore what was once great.
    I may not know much, but I know that for sure.

    Wishing you all the best through these trying times,
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