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    Character Information
    • Full Name | Umair Akel Hakim
    • Race | Finders Qadir
    • Age | Twenty-seven
    • Gender | Male
    • Eye Color | Sandstone
    Core Concept
    • Umair is the gunner of an up-and-coming pirate crew, taking pleasure in raiding, plundering, and stealing alongside his comrades. While carefree and unforgiving, Umair is far more level-headed than some of his other crew members.
    • Strength | 3
      • Blades Pack
      • Unarmed Pack
      • Improvised Pack
    • Constitution | 4
      • Wood Craft Pack
      • Bruteforce Pack
    • Wisdom | 2
      • Engineered Weapons Pack
      • Engineered Movement Pack
    • Magic | 0
    • Dexterity | 5
      • Pistol Pack
      • Donderbuss Pack
      • Longneck Pack
      • Sleight of Hand Pack
      • Parkour Pack
    • Charisma | 0
    • Common (Free)
    • Faraddi
    • At the moment, Umair is free from any mutations of abnormalities, aside from the various scars earned during his time pirating..

    • Standing at a height of 6’1”, Umair is a fairly built man, keeping his muscular body concealed in an assortment of robes with his dark brown hair covered by a turban.
    Life Story
    • Childhood
      • Umair was born to Roya and Jamil Hakim. His father was a pirate, which left Umair with his mother the majority of his childhood. Roya worked and owned a shop in their city, which Umair spent most of his time in.
    • Adolescence
      • On occasion in his early years, visits were paid from friends of Umair’s father, though no contact with Jamil himself was made. In their brief visits, they taught Umair seafaring skills. Back home, Umair was a troublemaker, tagging along with his neerdowell friends to pull innocent, yet sometimes cruel practical jokes on city dwellers.
    • Early Adulthood
      • As an adult, Umair settled down in the South Kassar Isles of the Regalian Archipelago. Umair became a small-time peddler of weapons, selling them off to local criminals. His arms dealing business was fairly productive, attracting the attention of a small band of like-minded individuals.
    • Regalia
      • Umair’s skill with a firearm caused the band of ruffians to bring Umair into the fold. In the year 310 AC, Umair sails with them to the city of Regalia.
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