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    This event will start on Tuesday. 'twill end whenever th' last booty be found.
    Th' Treasure Be No Joke

    Ahoy! Come find me buried booty. Thar are 6 X's on where th' booty be. Can ye find them all. Set sail across th' sea's, th' land 'n th' sky.

    Instructions: Find an X. Dig under th' X t' find th' chest. Loot th' chest. If thar are unclaimed valuable blocks around it, then ye can also 'ave them. Good luck 'n 'ave fun.

    Dynmap be allowed.
    Elytra's be allowed.

    Good Luck, Ye'll Needs It!

    /tp Essalonia - Factions Notice Board for the Map Surrounding Location.

    Credit: Couldn't of done this without the help from the non-staff & staff Events Team.​
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