Treason To Ithania

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    307 AC

    The Count of Basta Louis Delmotte herein informs all subjects of the Regalian Empire, most especially King of Ithania Florent de Gosselin, of the underhand scheming from House de Letoirneau.

    In a time of struggle and war the most dastardly amongst us reveal themselves. There are those who strive to bring undone all the good that has been achieved, and there are those who strive to degenerate our Empire into further internal conflicts and war.

    Who would had thought that it would be House de Letoirneau, an Ithanian family that preaches of peace, who would seek to see us all brought low.

    On the 30th of March I was delivered an envelope, sealed with the wax stamp of de Letoirneau. Enclosed within was a letter; good paper gone to waste for the sake of detailing outrageous terms. Terms which foster the desire to cause further discord and violence in the Kingdom of Ithania and our home the archipelago. Now, here are those terms, laid bare for all to see:

    1. The Delmotte Colonial realm in the Altery territories should be ceded to my own family, such recognising the inevitable practical situation. If it eases your decision process and creates a more swift peace, I am happy to compensate you handsomely for agreeing to this.
    2. House Delmotte will hand over all of the relatives of the Pretender-King de Gosselin remaining in Basta to Loiree-Bas to stand trial of treason against the Ithanian people. In addition, the Delmotte family will make a public admittance of De Gosselin’s lack of legitimacy, or at the least refuse for here on until his inevitable removal to recognise any of his claims to Ithania.
    3. The Delmotte heartland in Basta, as well as Delmotte military forces shall not be infringed upon. House Delmotte is welcome to continue their military campaign within the Angle Veer and press whatever demands they so please, and the House De Letoirneau will not reenter the conflict. A non-aggression pact may also be signed, should you wish for it to be affirmed.
    Spirit Protect,
    Anastasie de Letoirneau
    Comtesse of Loiree-Bas

    I find it appropriate in this situation to say to Countess Anastasie de Letoirneau, go to the void you salad-tossing Yanar molester, and with hope your family of deviants shall accompany you. I will not be blackmailed into surrendering my lands or denouncing the RIGHTFUL KING OF ITHANIA by you and your motley crew of brigands.

    Signed by,
    Louis Delmotte
    Count of Basta

    Tagging @MonMarty and @BillyTheScroofy given that a County trying to undermine a Kingdom is probably relevant to them.

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    Maeva's brows shot straight up whilst she read, her cup hovering just near her lips in utter shock. Slowly, the cup was set down just as her mouth hung open.
    "Aldwyn! Aldwyn, dear Spirit, look at what's happening now! Salad-tossing Yanar molester?!"
    So much for a quiet breakfast - the Howlester absolutely burst into laughter.
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    Haeddi had run across the notice while traveling about, with her sister as usual. As she squinted towards the fine press, her expression slowly contorted and a smile tugged onto her face before a loud, shrill laughter escaped her. Likely to the fear of others, the Harhold wheezed and folding her arms over her stomach as she laughed- unable to get a word out towards Agatha besides, "-Yanar!"

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    Agatha shared the amusement of her younger sister, wiping tears of laughter from the corners of her eyes as she chuckled. She cleared her throat in an attempt to compose herself, turning to her sister with a wicked grin. She lowered her voice and muttered into her ear.

    “I always heard she had a green thumb. Now I know why.”

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    Viresh would read the announcement and smirk, shrugging to himself in thought as he wandered away back home to strum up a tune, maybe about this. "What rhymes with molester..."
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    On the other side of the Regalian Holy City, shrouded in grime and less-than-legal Housing, Khalid Nazari stared at a copy of said-declaration in contemplation. The nuances of the peerage had never been his forte, but the article had certainly caught his interest.

    "Wax seals and parchments, huh. Another one for the Binder."
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    Her eyebrow went up slightly as she sat in the semi-smokey room, the parchment laying in her lap as smoke curled out the corner of her mouth, a sigg held tightly between her lips. A tiny chuckle escaped her as her illuminated eyes shifted over the words written there. Lifting the sigg from her lips, she tapped gently on the end of it into a nearby ashtray.

    “They do enjoy their theatrics.” Theresia commented.
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    Is this gonna be the next Nazi-Soviet nonaggression pact that failed
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    Manfried sat within his office, reading over the paper, "Illegitimate? Haha. She seems to have lost her memory. If I remember correctly, the Synod coronated him. Pah." The High Reverend chuckled to himself, before rising from his seat with the assistance of his cane and tottering on out.
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    Sophia said as she read the notice, waving her fan about.
    "And what is diffrent to his threats to the veer?"
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    The musings of a certain Yanar in their secluded home, "How do you molest something without parts? There's nothing sexual to be done to us. Spirit, Delmotte, at least use a word properly. You're a noble. What would she do? 'Oh no, she touched my flat and featureless body that gets no reaction from such.' Damn politics."
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    A certain Ithanian Countess set her eyes upon the publication - a blink as she fell for a momentary pause, before breaking into a prolonged chuckle, spinning herself to glance over towards the notorious Anglian Lord with his distinctive eyepatch.

    “And right into the trap, he falls.”

    Before steadily raising a wine glass up, and arching it to her lips for a sip.

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    The Anglian Lord shakes his head, producing a discontent grumble as he dons his cloak, "A trap would imply I had intended to trip him over. With the recent developments he had best reconsider, for I've no ill will towards the House Delmotte, but I will fight bitterly if the Count should force my hand." He would reply to the Countess, kneeling down beside one of his hounds to connect a leash.
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    Veronika Eliopolous removed herself from her scriptures as a servant brought her the daily feed of notices and announcements, she met the news with a light shrug.

    "They should make more theatrical productions these days, plenty of dramatic events to base them on."
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    Upon reading this, Santino's brows would shoot straight up "S-Salad tossing... What?" He put a hand upon his heart and looked about briefly "Por el esperitu!"

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