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    Basic Information
    • Full Name: Thyrian Costari
    • Age: 19
    • Gender: Male
    • Race: Slizzar
    • Sexuality: Straight
    • Preferred Weapon: Sword

    Skill Information

    Total Points: 23 Age points, 10 Hobby points, 10 talent points
    • Corse, Melee Combat
      • +8 Sword Combat
        • What time he had while not observing or writing about Slizzar, he spent practicing his sword work.
    • Core, Science Skill
      • +15 Linguistic Sciences
        • Learned from the other Slizzar, and travelers he came across.
          • Modern Altalar and Sihndar Dialect languages, as well as Human, Mythic, and Elven packs
    • Talent, Special Training
      • +10 Perception Training (10 Talent points.)
        • Learned by observing other Slizzar.
    • Hobby, Performance Art
      • +10 Writing Art
        • Learned by writing and being critiqued on papers he wrote about his observations of other Slizzar, by many different mentors.
    Body Shape
    • Physical Stat: 8
    • Body Type: Average.
    • Body Fat: Low
    • Zasta (Learned in childhood)
    • Common (Learned in childhood, soon after Zasta)
    • Alt-Regalian (Slizzar bonus language)
    • Vahskularr and Vashnolor (If they are one language, and if I understood the rules correctly this is the second Slizzar bonus language)
    • Sihndar Dialect (Proficiency)
    • Modern Altalar (Proficiency)
    • Mythic, Human, and Elven Packs (Proficiency)
    Mutations and Abilities
    • Slizzar Racial:
      • Slizzar Shift 1
      • Flux Shift VI
        • He learned this because of his very intensive study of all races from a young age.
      • Mind Surge V
        • Studying the various races and how they interact helped him learn this skill.
    Visual Information
    • Eye Color: Green
    • Hair Color: Brown
    • Hair Style: Always kept short and styled
    • Height: 5'11"
    Personality and Abilities

    How would your character respond to experiencing Fear?

    • Thyrian would respond by confronting the thing causing the fear. He is a brave scholar, but still a scholar. He would be afraid, and would put up a strong, brave front, but if that front is pushed too hard, he breaks. However, few things can scare him, as he wants to experience everything at least once.
    How would your character respond to experiencing Stress?
    • Thyrian is used to stress, as a scholar. He is used to stressing about how other people view him, about how good his writing is, about how well he is doing his job, and more. It still stresses and tires him out, but he has known it enough to not get overly worked up about anything.
    How would your character express feeling Happy?
    • Thyrian is generally a cheerful person, but it sometimes doesn't show on the outside. He smiles when he is happy, but when working, he often frowns. Not in annoyance or sadness, just at the problems his work presents him.
    How does your character view Law and Authorities?
    • Thyrian follows all laws that he knows. He also sees through every punishment he is sentenced to, if any. He questions laws and punishments, however, not because he doesn't like them, but to know why they were instituted. His quest for knowledge never ends.
    How does your character feel about Races other than their own?
    • Thyrian wants to know more about all races, and accepts all cultures, laws, and beliefs. He holds no prejudice for anyone, he merely wants to know why people act the way they do, or why they thing the way they think.
    How does your character feel about Religion for themselves, and other faiths?
    • Thyrian is still learning about other religions, but he is learning. He is curious as to why different races and cultures believe the things they believe, and wants to eventually know and document every race in Aloria.
    How does your character feel about the Arcane and Magical in the world?
    • Thyrian is very interested in finding out the source of magic, and is very curious as to what lets some people and races use magic more than others. He wants to know about the things that make magic more powerful, that dampen magic, that make it easier to use magic, and more.
    How does your character feel towards their family?
    • Thyrian wants to know about what makes people want to be in families, and how having a family makes different people and races act differently than not having a family. His family is in Sassrakkand, and they are very social, by Slizzar standards, as is Thyrian.
    What is your character's biggest insecurity?
    • Thyrian always worries that he is not good enough to finish his task of learning about each race, culture, and religion. He has done good work, and will probably continue to do good work, but as with most people, he is unsure of himself. However, this makes him try harder, which helps in some cases, and hurts in others.
    What is your character the most proud of about themselves?
    • Thyrian is very proud of his ability to change his form. He has studied many different races and cultures, allowing him a remarkable ability to transform into someone and change that transformed body to what he wants.
    What motivates your character to move forward and better their life?
    • Thyrian wants to document every race, culture, language, and religion. He believes that if he can do this, future generations can learn from his work and help all races come together as one. He thinks that if this can happen, then there can truly be peace, and the key is understanding people.
    What is your character's biggest fear?
    • The main thing he fears is dying before fulfilling his self-proclaimed quest. He is afraid that if he can't figure out why the races do the things they do, and is not able to document it properly enough, he will have failed the world. He doesn't do it for fame or wealth, merely for knowledge.
    Life Story

    • Thyrian was born in Sassrakkand to two socialite Slizzar. They raised him to believe that all races should get along.
    • Thyrian was able to pick up on languages very easily. He learned common at a very young age, and was very content to watch other people while his parents were out doing tasks. He would take every opportunity to go to the park or other places with his parents so he could observe how people interacted.
    • In his adolescence, he learned a few more languages (Modern Altalar and Sihndar Dialect), and continued with his fascination of people. However, he was limited to the people in Sassrakkand and the people who visited. He wanted to travel, but he knew that he was not yet experienced enough.
    • This is when he first started practicing the sword. He saw some people practicing with swords, and tried to recreate it with his brother. Someone saw this, and offered to train him. He was very grateful, but was unsure if he truly wanted to continue practicing when he saw how much time it took and how far he was from being good.
    • Thyrian was finally able to get out of Sassrakkand and explore the world. After wandering around and experiencing things on the road, he finally ended up at Regalia. He was so used to seeing the ruined walls of his home city, that he stood in awe for several minutes upon first seeing Regalia, unable to move.
    • Thyrian was finally able to achieve some level of proficiency with the sword, though he is by no means a master. He is glad that he learned, however, as he had several run-ins with small groups of bandits that ran when they realized he was not easy prey.
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    Taken for review! Expect one within the week.
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    Edited as I saw some things about Slizzar I hadn't before (about languages).
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    So would it be possible in any way to learn every language? I mean, probably not, but just out of curiosity? If it isn't possible, I understand.
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    Another question, sorry. So with flux shift, I can change my body shape. So couldn't I make myself strong? Or am I only as strong as I normally am? And do mutations allow me that mutations abilities?
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