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    As I am sure there are those who know me, but also those who this will be my first introduction to - it is best I start from the beginning.

    I'm always one for brutal truth when it comes to myself, or my best shake at it. I was a rather jaded player here on Massivecraft not to long ago. Rather it hurt anyone or didn't, my actions were from a standpoint of somebody who felt owed something that they were not given. Which in my own personal journey in real life I have come to understand more clearly and realized both the futility and the harm that does to not only others but myself. My actions were guided by hatred, pain, and misery. All of which I had attributed to a specter of my own creation. While I still ponder on my own for who it goes to that sparked this flame into existence - I am certain of one course.

    I could not be truthfully honest and happy with myself in such a miserable state. Regardless of the specter even being real or not, I was doing little more than harming myself in the long run. So I return many miles more weathered and wise to mend wounds and hopefully pass on my reflections to others.

    That's really it - why I'm back. I want to chill again on my favorite roleplay server that raised me into who I am today, for better or worse. Massive, for all it's faults and strengths, is a beautiful place to be when you finally get past the image you conjure for it - and get back into what it truly is at the end of the day.

    Just a bunch of us humans, playing a game, and trying to have fun. I can't think of anything more wholesome.

    See you soon.
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