Noble Progression Story The Treaty That Could Not Stop The War

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    Drixagh related matters
    • House Krupp halves its army, sending one half home, and another half to collect pillaged property to be returned to Calemberg as compensation. Obviously, not even half the tribute is returned by the raiders, and Krupp allows them to keep it, paying with his own money to compensate for the lack of returned items. Obviously however, the logistics of putting a regal value to some items classified as heirlooms or with special value is not exact, and Typhonus officials quickly start causing conflicts over the returned value.
    • Furthermore, none of the Krupp forces are given any orders to fulfill the third stipulation of the treaty, to pay compensation for destroyed infrastructure caused by the raiders. Again, Typhonus's side causes issue over the Northern Pact not fulfilling the stipulations of the treaty.
    • House Norrvakt demobilizes its troops, while mobilizing its colonial army.
    • House Sterke-enn moves its army home while following similar specifications as Krupp, allowing raiders to keep items and paying from her own pocket for lost items. Sterke-Enn does end up paying money for the infrastructure damage caused by them, but they are the only ones. Viduggla and Sorenvik also do not put in any orders to pay for the infrastructure damage.
    • Viduggla marches its army home, while the Count travels to Kintyr to negotiate with House Conntyr. House Conntyr makes a clear statement: "They are not part of the Calemberg Union and owe no loyalty to House Typhonus, but have a vested interest in ensuring a peaceful existence of Kintyr without danger of Northern raiding. They do not trust the Northern Pact in the slightest and demand the following actions to ensure Conntyr will demobilize: House Sorenvik, Sterke-Enn, and Krupp must scuttle all their Longboats by burning, and destroy all shipyards capable of constructing Longboats all along the western coast of Drixagh, only then will they demobilize." (effectively allowing only Viduggla to keep Longboat capacity). Fulfilling this request would seriously hamper the capability of these families to quickly move troops around, but not negatively affect their economy since raiding has not been done for centuries.
    • Viduggla like above Sorenvik and Krupp does not return all items, instead endeavoring to repay for lost items in Regals while ignoring the third treaty stipulation and paying nothing for infrastructure damages.
    • Sorenvik does the same as mentioned above, not returning all items taken instead re-compensating rough assumptions of regalian value on items taken but offering no orders to pay for the infrastructure damage incurred.
    • House von Rahm regains control over its armies after Typhonus backs down from its occupation of Rahm lands.
    • House von Rahm loudly proclaims the treaty to be a disaster, telling all Calemberg Union members that they hate the treaty's final product.
    • House von Rahm follows the stipulations of the treaty somewhat, but independently from the other parties haggles around the stipulations. By falsifying documentation and industry assessment, von Rahm manages to extract a greater number of regals from Krupp (who is compelled to compensate for the land property lost as a result of the treaty settlement) than the land is actually worth. Von Rahm for example falsified geological data claiming resource deposits where there are none, and exaggerating the value of timber industry thus extracting far more money from the peace settlement than is actually worth, something that is discovered by the Northern Pact directly after payment when Krupp troops move in to secure the transition of land.
    • The land exchange between Krupp and von Rahm is anything but peaceful. Despite the presence of Krupp troops to secure a peaceful transition, von Rahm is less caring about what happens on their side of the wall. The exchange of refugees on both sides pressures local communities where the relation and balance between religions is abruptly upset. Regions where populations were previously equal suddenly shift radically in favor of the Unionist side south of the wall, and the Oldt Fayth side north of the wall. Violence erupts in local communities as zealots on both sides enact pogroms on the unfaithful of the opposing side, resulting in numerous massacres inflicted by both Unionists and Oldt Fayth followers on both sides of the walls. Eventually the concept of a peaceful exchange breaks down when rebel groups on both sides of the wall opposed to the treaty and being forced from their homes, declare their regions autonomy and start attacking von Rahm and Krupp troops on both sides of the wall.
    • With the treaty settled entirely in favor of House von Drachenburg and resulting in a net loss for House Typhonus and von Treppewitz, the Calemberg union collapses because the other members no longer have faith in Ulric Typhonus to support their cause, as he was the one who championed putting Ravenstad and von Drachenburg in charge of negotiations in the capital. House Tyhonus is abandoned, reverting back to its County size while the others go each their independent ways as the Calemberg Viscounties and von Treppewitz as its own Duchy.
    • With the Northern Pact skimming the treaty stipulations as much as possible and von Rahm agitating to ignore the treaty, Typhonus after receiving the tribute and proclaiming the lacklustre attempts of the Northern Pact to pay back the losses of their raids, declares the treaty null and void because it was broken by the Northern Pact, failing to uphold the third stipulation of the treaty: The demand on the Northern Pact to repay any damages to local infrastructure caused.
    • House Typhonus, as a result of the treaty being declared null and void, answers that the war has essentially never ended, and a cease fire is also null and void. The army sent to escort the repayment to house Typhonus is ambushed by two Typhonus cavalry banners on both sides near Hadrian's wall. Being unprepared for battle, and not having any defenses near them while escorting carriages of items and gold, the army is completely overran and smashed by the Typhonus Uhlans, partly also because it was no longer cohesive, only consisting of half the Sorenvik army and half the Krupp army while the rest was marching home. The Northern Pact army takes heavy losses to the Typhonus cavalry which routes in a very chaotic manner to the Krupp capital in an attempt to get away from Hadrian's wall. The Typhonus army then pulls back behind the safety of Hadrian's wall again, pillaging Krupp lands as they go back.
    • House Zastorzy cancels its guarantee of Sorenvik lands, citing that it believes at this point the Northern Pact is taking the shit out of political caution, and does not want Zastorzy troops to die for constant provocation by the Northerners.
    Further Archipelago news
    • House Delmotte mobilizes its troops in the capital of their lands, gaining somewhat good support for a war against the Kathar.
    • House von Drachenburg demobilizes its army.
    • House Ravenstad demobilizes part of its war army and then re-mobilizes its army with somewhat good support for a war against the Kathar.
    Hadaria news
    • Digmaan Yaotl sends several scouting parties to harass Sorenvik border defences all along the border, not mobilizing or calling for any grand attack, but certainly provking a response by causing border skirmishes between Mu-Allar and the local Ailor occupation forces.
    Colonial News
    • Van de Veer's army in the colonies attacks House Rote's capital, but is severely outgunned by the capital defenses. With only a very small mobilized force, Van de Veer's troops are quickly repulsed during a sally from the capital's defenders, and forced to retreat because his army is simply too small to actually attack anything useful in Rote's lands. The army thus simply resorts to retreating to van de Veer's colonies, while pillaging Rote lands along the way.
    • Rote continues to fuel propaganda in his lands to justify the war and keep up public morale in the face of adversity. This seems to largely be effective despite the attacks on civilian infrastructure.
    • Peirgarten immediately sends its colonial guard under the command of the Duke Consort to run into Viduggla lands. House Peirgarten as such declares war on Viduggla, and Rodrigo Peirgarten starts an exceptionally cruel terror attack on the colonies which are utterly defenceless due to Viduggla's colonial guard being in Sterke-Enn lands. Civilian economy is absolutely trashed and citizens are put to the sword as they try to resist the total destruction of small communities, decimating the local economy and morale.
    • Blackjaw and Viduggla forces continue to besiege Rote's forts which continue to hold out against the equally matched armies. During the sieges, news reaches the outside world that many of the Blackjaw tents have items alluding to the idea that Blackjaw dwarfs are stealing from the local population and fornicating with the Bond Wives of the Velheimers, resulting in frustrated conflicts between the Velheim allies and their Dwarven supporters.
    • A mercenary band roves the countryside of Rote's homeland, burning farmlands and poisoning wells, causing illness and cholera to break out in pockets around the colonial realm. Despite attempt to remain clandestine, none of the retinue have any Rogue training, and it's fairly quickly discovered that the mercenaries are in fact Mateo Silva's mercenaries from the Regalian Mercenary Charter, attacking only civilian targets and causing death and destruction.
    • The colonies are a mess.
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    On a side note, @TyrolleanEagle has returned to the server. His family is re-invested at County Level, taking away the Calemberg Union's large army, and settling the numbers back to a player data.
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    The Grand Duke draws up a smile on his face as he is informed of Peirgarten's pillaging campaign.
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