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    Monday, February 22nd, 309 AC - 10 Regals - Issue Four

    Baldomar Dreschner
    Penned February 19th, 309

    As Lord Chancellor Jared Bancroft’s chapter closes a new one begins. Several candidates have stepped forward to fill the void Bancroft will leave behind, but not all of them are qualified and not all of them are good.

    Hengest Harhold
    Campaigning as the “People’s Chancellor” like his predecessor. Harhold is a self-proclaimed national hero with a troubled history.

    Alastair Mac Conall
    Alastair Mac Conall, Ériunin nobility, and sufferer of great personal tragedy. Mac Conall has stepped up in times of personal and political strife and his ability to handle the stresses of life will determine if he’s fit to bear the weight of Lord Chancellor.

    Abigail Tucker
    A known aberrant and criminal sympathizer, Tucker has once before proclaimed it would be “funny” to assume a position of power. She is however largely relegated to irrelevancy outside the occasional joke and her position as House Reinard’s Court Mage.

    Florence Amaya
    Florence Amaya, Monzon knight, and man with a considerable temper. He’s prone to waxing poetic in public about his people and their plight, but no one pays him much attention for long. He will do everything to ensure that Daenshore and the historical enslavement of his people is recognized, but will say nothing to the plantations still operating on that very land today.

    Milena Cadieux
    A rise, a fall from grace, and a rise again. Milena Cadiuex is no stranger to putting in hard work to get somewhere and stay there. She is, for better or for worse, excellent at making connections and pulling the right strings to get things done.

    A relative newcomer to Regalia, Wan-Xia has advocated for his people and the arts, but fails at considering the harsh realities of war. With a level head on his shoulders and a stronger ability to answer questions than his competitors he may go far.

    Llewaren Sellenhire
    Penned February 4th, 309

    After the Assembly passed Occult legislation rendering all afflictions illegal, save Northern Taint, the Emperor held an open audience so that Occult groups could plead their case and receive exemptions.

    Only two groups received immediate exception; the population of Silven within the city, and a church led by Mother Alexi.

    Petar Hall
    Penned February 7th, 309

    As the brutal bureaucracy of the Empire’s war against Sedrassians wages on, it became readily apparent to Alms Minister Sivrid Sorenvik that the hopes of Regalian soldiers needed to be bolstered. Sending luxury goods as well as a number of priests and religious leaders to give advice, sermons, and speeches to the army, the bias towards majority Ailor religions was clear, despite their best efforts.

    Priests and speakers of Unionism, Old Gods, Dragon Worship, and even the Draoidh Feya made their appearance, leaving large numbers of the Faith of Estel to be unrepresented. Why such a miniscule religion such as the Draoidh Feya was appealed to in place of something more broadly motivating is not readily apparent.

    Within the city, varying religions vie for recognition to Alms Minister Sivrid Sorenvik as she opens herself up for discussion on marking locations within the Holy City as a Religious Site. With only about a week left until her decisions are made, she has made it clear that only Unionists, Old Gods worshippers, and Estel worshippers have come forward on the topic.

    Are there so few people willing to step up for what they believe in, or is there something else at play?

    Edmund Cadigan
    Penned February 7th, 309

    After all these arsons, the city can have as many safety initiatives as it wants but that means nothing if we don’t consider how we can improve the safety of our architecture. When was the last time you saw a way to easily egress upper stories of a building? Are the stairs in your duplex safe or are they perilously steep?

    The Empire has advanced in leaps and bounds in recent years, but one thing not so easily fixed is architecture. There are parts of our beloved city besieged by rot and mold, cracked foundations, and sagging middles as their load bearing walls steadily begin to break. Yet the city continues to sprawl ever outward as we build up higher and higher, attempting to reclaim space and make way for the new as our skyline blots out the sun and stars.

    And still, nowhere in these plans is consideration for the citizens. Our windows are barred to prevent criminal entry, our steps off kilter to trip up invaders, and none of these help those struck by unfortunate events. These methods of criminal deterrence work well to prevent people from getting in, but what of getting out? You’ll be hard pressed to spot so much as a vine covered lattice clinging to the side of our city’s bloated buildings. An egregious oversight that ought to be corrected if the peoples’ safety is to be ensured.

    This has been, in part, combated by Alms Ministry initiatives. While their burgeoning Fire Brigade will help put out fires when they begin they won’t help people help themselves. We’ve relied on our government’s grace for a great many things, and there’s no reason civil design can’t be one of them.

    Juliana Lowry
    Penned February 14th, 309

    Dame Humaira Reinard, a woman whose very soul has been brought into question by misdeed and inaction alike, has done it again. Sources say she cheated on Morgaine Slumberwood, but the Dame herself vehemently denied such at her trial by combat. Battled by Harlow Ketch and Alban, knights of opposing orders, the Dame met her match and was summarily defeated to much applause and merrymaking.

    Juliana Lowry
    Penned February 21st, 309

    Women titter at romance novels and the court described therein; a wonderful place where nobility snarks and bats their lashes at eligible men from across the room. Debutantes with neck injury inducing updos sashay across the dance floor fluttering their hand fans, their rivals muttering and sneering with distaste. This is but a fantasy, one that has been remade today and will see consequences for the hearts of many.

    Political marriage is the game of the season as the Imperial Court has had several positions filled. The Mistress of Ceremonies performed the arduous task of ensuring all applicants were suited for their jobs, but it seems she’s made a grave mistake. The Mistress of Whistledown is nothing short of unhinged.

    Nobility is often beyond the common man’s understanding. Their interactions are rife with stringent rule following and adherence to conduces and tradition, one of which appears to be arranging marriages between their kin in the name of politics. If one is lucky, they find a suitor worth their while they may even like, and if they are not they must simply do what’s expected of them.

    There is no love in this age old song and dance, but there is much to be gained by sacrificing the odd debutante's heart.

    Baldomar Dreschner & Celine
    Penned February 1st, 309

    The relief found in a good mug of grog can’t be understated. Beer has a history almost as long as the Ailor and no institution has stood the test of time like the pub, but why are they almost all universally awful?

    You have the upstanding institutions, alehouses and local breweries providing men with drinks they deserve, and yet the Crown City seemingly has none of them. In recent weeks bars have been popping up near daily, but their presence can’t be owed to breakthroughs in brewing processes and unique offerings. No, no, they are founded to be dens of the worst criminals with money laundering tendencies and an avoidance for taxes they ought pay.

    They have usurped The Golden Willow, The Teahaus, and other historic landmarks in this city, and rendered the iconic bar crawl a moronic chore. Gone are the days of rowdiness found within Rose Court, whose titular bar will receive no mention by name. No longer do the Velheim congregate in mass numbers in their district.

    We as a people have stagnated, and while it would be easy to believe the cause is something within the city’s water supply, the true issue lies with the drinks in our hands. What has happened to the after work rush to the bar, fights over the good seats, joshing with our fellow Ailor? When did we allow lesser races to pollute our watering holes?

    As others have gotten their hands on what is quintessentially ours they have taken with it our unique spirit, and tarnished what used to be. You will be hard-pressed to find a bar with proper Imperial charm, but you will find a counter manned not by Ailor, but by Nelfin, and Kathar, and other have-nots. Thoroughly disgusted with this city’s lack of options we have taken it upon ourselves to inspect every establishment we could find and "rank" them using exacting criteria.

    Alaric Keen has struck out and become the owner of his own up and coming business, but he wouldn’t be Keen if the entire establishment wasn’t absolutely dogged by everything else he owned. It features the same clunky seating as The Wunderbar, but the design is considerably more open. However, it also looks like a castle tower was split in half, and retrofitted into a bar, then filled to the brim with things that let you know The Ivory Company definitely exists.


    The Golden Willow is one of the few surviving bars in the city, oft unmanned and neglected ‘cept to quench the thirst of nobility. Its quiet environ and views into the canals and beyond are almost enough to make you forget there are no people around.


    Owned by Natharia Mac Conall, the Tenth Penny is tucked away in obscurity behind the Arena itself. Its design is so unremarkable as to be boring and not worth a mention. The menu is equally depressing, split up between two pages on an impressive color menu that doesn’t match its paltry offerings.


    The Wunderbar has transformed as Arena Court has evolved from a single monolithic building to a bustling business area, though that transformation comes with a few caveats. It’s incredibly cramped, the seating is chunky, and the upper floor is dominated by a stage too big for the building it was built in. Whoever designed the new location had big dreams and a small budget, because the allocated space just doesn’t cut it.


    The Nook & Cranny has undergone a number of owners and forced rebrands in its lifetime, but if anything has stuck it's the Nook’s reputation for being a hotbed of criminal activity and mischief. Susanne of Havenreach, the bar’s current owner, appears to be on the right side of things. Considerable effort has been put into renovating the space and redoing the menu, so credit must be given where it’s due.


    Previously The Golden Hive, the Golden Obscura is two businesses joined into one. The only entertainment you'll find in this establishment are the funny faces Aesling Sylfina makes when they think no one is looking and the conversation provided by your fellow bar goers. Still, the Golden Obscura is far from our worst contender on this list.


    A memoir by Biriqhoteph. (@bwmwags3)
    Penned February 10th, 309

    In remembrance and solidarity with all Brothers and Sisters in chains. Special thanks to Sarnia who has given me the hope to put this to paper.


    It begins with a capture through various means. An Asha is stolen from the sea, from city streets, or from their very homes.

    Mine was during the first voyage of the Stormbreaker when as a twenty year old cub of a captain we were attacked by an Altalar vessel near Asha territorial waters. In the ensuing combat a spell struck our gunpowder stores and my ship was blown apart. I was flung deep into the sea and rose, gasping for breath, only to see the charred remains of my crewmen floating around me. The wounds of those who survived were salted by the ocean, but the Altalar paid no mind to our screams simply looting the wreckage. Eventually we were dragged from the sea and tossed upon the deck.

    The Altalar threw insults as our limbs were wrapped in chains, laughing off any pleas for healing. I kneeled upon cut up knees and begged for even a drop of rubyflower for my crew only to receive a backhand and beating.

    After nearly a half hour of torment they applied a bare amount of rubyflower to keep those healthy enough to survive, but not a drop of poppy milk or dab of opium was spared for our pain. They confined us to cramped, filth covered cells as the ship made a heading for Ithania. When they dragged us from the ship even more of us lay dead and rotting within the suffocating cells, but the Altalar didn’t bat an eye as they torched the corpses of my comrades. We few survivors were carted through the opulent streets of wealthy Ithania to an estate. We rode in silence, the inherited tales of Ithanian cruelty swam in our minds as the experiences of men like my father would soon become ours.

    Upon arrival, we were dragged onto muddy ground as the mixed Altalar and Ailor household descended upon us. Thus began the disgraceful process of reducing stalwart men and women to mindless animals; every Asha was assigned a name in common (often a insult), every Asha who breathed a syllable of Ibeth was beaten, every Asha who dared extend a claw (even in reflex) had it torn out before being whipped.

    The Half-Altalar Matriarch of the estate walked the line of slaves, flowerite laced whip at her side, as she began to designate Asha for de-tailing and consignment to the mines. The point of de-tailing is to break an Asha’s spirit pure and simple. Our most important body part is the tail because it is vital to how we express emotion and is the only limb living metal can’t replace.

    Without a tail an Asha can’t wholly express love and compassion since such is expressed through the tightness with which our tails embrace those we care for. Removing a tail doesn’t only diminish the ability to express personal emotion but the ability to express love itself. The Ithanians, like so many other Altalar and Ailor slavers, forced every slave to watch as our brethren’s tails were ripped from their bodies.

    After that horrible experience, we were all brought to a chamber within the mine where a set of pincers lay obviously for the purpose of declawing us. This piece of the Altalar enslavement process has no practical purpose because every Altalar slaver knows about living metal replacement. By tearing out even a single claw one causes immeasurable pain and suffering which an Asha must suffer for a week before replacement. It is not a method of defense for the slaver or even control—it is merely a method of torture. A torture that was inflicted on all ten of my claws.

    Our lives became the standard Hel that all slaves in Ithania suffer. We were beaten. Starved. Whipped. We were treated as less than feral beasts. After a crewman was beaten into confessing the identities of all students of Mirah within the enslaved, they began to attach fake moonblades to our tails to mock the Sefet tail blades which students like myself had trained for years and a lifetime to master. We were forced to fan them with imitations of our proud weapons—disregarding the honor that every Skagger, every Ithanian Honor Guard, every Student of every Combat School across Aloria had earned, like us, with dedication, sacrifice, and skill. The perverse joy our masters took in the degradation of our pride and self was the only reason my tail remains.

    For two years, I was treated like something worthless, and given useless work like moving rocks from one field to another as a form of entertainment. When someone dared to ask why we weren’t working in the mines or home the answer was the same. We weren’t even tools, but needless symbols of false wealth. Every slur they hurled, wound they inflicted, and Asha they starved was to uphold that Princois d’Elvellen superiority.

    My father spent ten years as a slave. When he returned to us he lacked his claws, tail, and could barely walk, but his spirit was unbroken. When I was freed after two years my claws had been torn out, my back was scarred over, and I had to crawl to the Sefetjew Corsairs when they came to our rescue.

    These are the conditions the Ithanians glorify, these are the conditions of Altalar slavery, and these are the conditions the Allorn would see all Asha returned to if not worse. Conditions upon which the Ithanians built and maintain their supposed culture of progress, diplomacy, and compassion.

    Some might ask why maintain is the word used when Asha are first rank citizens of this Empire. It is because the Ithanians have been given a exemption to maintain their slavery. To maintain this treatment of fellow Regalians which more resembles the brutality of the Dread Empire than upstanding Unionists. Regalians who treat my people like less than animals when we serve the Great Way and The Empire with every soul recovered from occult affliction, with every stain of illegal or malicious occultism combatted, and with every decision to stand beside our Empire on the foreign stage.



    by Myriddin the Diviner


    by Myriddin the Diviner




    Spring Semester at the Regalian University!
    This school of education and opportunity has opened its doors for another semester full of learning and harsh paper deadlines. There are nine classes on offer and limited slots available.

    A Feast In Paradise
    Chat with friends and treat yourself to delights prepared by only the finest of chefs. Everyone, with the exception of Kathar, Haat-Maraya, and known Slizzar, is invited to attend a night of cuisine and celebration at the Vyzal Estate.

    Main Street Market
    Duchess Ino-Femunn invites every shop owner on Main Street and in Arena Court to occupy their shops on the 27th of February to peddle their wares and draw people in for the first city-wide Small Business Day.

    Highland Spring Cèilidh
    As the weather warms, come join an evening of music, dancing, and good company at a Highland Spring Cèilidh! Activities include: Musical Performances, Food Tasting, Dancing, Poetry, Storytelling, and Riddles!

    A “Slummer's” Ball
    A night of revelry and partying hosted at the Ino-Femunn estate. Music is being provided by Feka Asha artist SKUNK.

    Have something you wish to say and no one to pen it to? Write in to have your writing posted alongside our articles. Write-ins should be no longer than 250 words, but exceptions can be made for compelling stories!

    @canaaa @FeralGayWalnut @TonyBones @NebulaePrimo @bwmwags3 @BiBiBirdie @JResurrected @AtticCat @Farly108 @BluKnight10 @Lutowski @Iyyiushi @MrNoot1 @MippyMoo @SaltyLikeTheSea @Nirnro0t @HereticTakao @Greys_n @yamiya @Ampers07 @AshenRoman

    Why was I pinged?
    A: Something in this issue pertains to you or one of your characters.

    @MrsCripple (Ministry Missions)
    @canaaa @indyfan98 @Mad_Gadfly @Jonificus @Farly108 @Lizmun (Off to the Races!!)
    @babaMP3 @seoulmate (The Death of Independence)
    @Aurelian30k @Goldifish @fantuinn @notjayp (A Woman So Heartless)
    @HeyitsNano @Bellarmina @Maeovika @Qoll (There Are Too Many Bars…)
    @_GoldWolf_ @LeafMC (Anna Chronistic’s Political Commentary)

    EDIT: Fixed text sizing issue.
    EDIT 2: Attempting to fix spoiler issues.
    1. Considering including content warnings for articles.
    2. Might break up the paper into sections (international news, local news, etc).
    3. Feedback is always welcome on formatting and writing. Though some information is intentionally incorrect.
    4. Writing credits are included only when the person writing doesn’t wish to be anonymous.
    5. You can join the Scratch discord where we sometimes talk about doing things and editing writing if you ask or decide to submit something.

    A quick look at some of the Sunday Scratch’s “writers.”

    Baldomar Dreschner

    Formerly a faculty member at a university no longer wishing to be associated with him, Baldomar has taken to writing treatises and papers in his advanced age. Even more recently he’s travelled to Regalia to see all it has to offer, dropping his plans to publish a tell all book about “professionals” in his chosen field. Swines and crooks, the lot of them. What do they have that he doesn’t?

    Edmund Cadigan
    A quiet man of stern disposition, Edmund began his tenure at the Sunday Scratch filling coffees and organizing files. He’s since progressed to writing interest pieces on knights and other figures he finds fascinating, to the delight of his coworkers who’ve done their best to break the man’s shell.

    Petar Hall
    A man who likes to be at the forefront of everything hands-on, Petar concerns himself with the nitty-gritty in Regalia. Unfortunately, his other major interests run political and clash with Baldomar’s overly conservative opinions, leading to the two fighting over who gets to write what.


    Florence 309
    Wan-xia Announces His Candidacy!
    Bancroft Chancellery: Moments Before War

    To What Occurred On 14.2.309
    A Valentine's Request Of The Desert Rose

    Whistledown Paper #1: A Letter From Mother Goose
    The Writ Of Whistledown
    Regalian Government

    Alms Ministry Of Regalia - January Report
    Alms Ministry Seeks Donations And Volunteers For Religious Outreach To Soldiers
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    The High Reverend Emeritus chuckles some as his tired eyes scan the document handed to him by a Curate in the hallowed halls of his Chapel. The Reverend, indulging self-deprecating humor, simply says in response, "Heh, I believe they truly managed to make me look flattering in my old age. Certainly a most challenging pursuit." Aelfric cracks a smirk before the decrepit octogenarian sets it gently aside, returning to morning prayer, hunched over his cane as he sat on the cushioned pew.

    Really awesome art and a great post!
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    The Asha looks satisfied with the work mailing off copies to those who deserved these truths.

    @GrunklePeter @BeaneyBaby @dimetros

    On one he’d write simply

    I am sorry I was gone...I hope...this at least explains a part of why.

    Soon his crew would hear and soon that band of Asha set free from chains would know why their captain fought so hard to give them lives again.
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    Lazarus Lupenzi subscribes so he may read this whilst he drinks his morning tea and contemplate the legitimacy of his horoscope.
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    The Shieldmaiden pursed her lips as she folded one leg over the other, reading the paper. Her eyebrows quirked at the political cartoon, coughing briefly into her elbow as a little wheeze of a laugh escaped her. "Spirit. Never expected to see that." Her eyes shifted briefly to gaze at the horoscope and at the mention of underwater, she would frown a little. "...How ironic of the mission we will be embarking upon soon enough."
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    "Aw.. the Silverlight didn't make it to the list." mutters a pale-haired mimic. "Oh well, we'll be alright."

    They continue to read, eager to get to the horoscopes. Upon getting to Pisces, their eyes narrow. ".. People don't know what it smells like underwater? That's sad. There are /way/ more smells down there than there are up here. Always interesting."
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    A certain Feka would receive this copy of the news with the attached note. Her eyes would look over the words, her smile from the reception of her first mail- would vanish, albeit momentarily. A pair of tears would manage to wiggle their ways from the fox's eyes before a bittersweet smile formed upon reaching the end of the story as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

    "Well, it all makes sense now. You've been through so much."
    She'd fold up the news and the note, setting them aside on her table.
    "Next time you see me, you'll be met with baked goodies and plenty of pampering, my dear best friend."
    And thus, she'd begin work to fulfill the promise she had just made.
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    Fen’nan Solaveira tilted her head back, taking a swig of the bottle as she scanned the paper before she paused, setting the bottle loudly down, squinting towards the ‘Nook & Cranny’ section. “Chaotic? We’re chaotic? That’s a reason to visit.” The redhead reclined back with a grin, scanning over the rest with a small snicker.

    “Good on the political commentary though, I could read these all day,” the Altalar remarked contently, taking another drink from her bottle then.
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    i've already liked, favourited and subscribed with all of my characters @Ocularum please add me back to the list :(
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    I'm not sure why you aren't on there. I'll get you next time!
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    Violetta would buy such and read over it with her sisters. Mainly over the Chancellor part, reading every candidate off, and then to the horoscope. She'd laugh to them about how silly she thought they where, until she made it over to the bar section. With a hum and a flick of her wrist she spoke. "Perhaps its time to hire and throw events daily again, no? I do miss being able to talk to so many people at once." Violetta soon subscribed for the letterings. Seeming to enjoy them thus far. @LilBeast_24

    Fiona raggidly races her eyes across the paper, having it so close it reached into her firey red hair. She had to re-read from how fast she was trying to take in evergthing. "Not noticeable?!" the lady bellowed to her cousin, "oh! I'll sure make it noticeable for next time! Hey Natharia- mind if I use fire tricks in the tenthpenny?" @Maeovika
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    The grieving Mac Conall closed up the paper, scowling. Quickly reading over the name as she sent someone out to look for the person. She threw the paper down, glaring to her younger cousin.

    “You can use fire outside of it, I only have one fire exit.. Ugh, jobs..”

    Natharia spoke to Fiona, muttering the last part to herself.

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    ((@Ocularum Subscribe, please))

    The Reverend Mother peruses the volume, muttering to herself,
    "Alas, poor Jared, I never knew ye"

    "Heh, to think that I, of all people, would be in the papers!"

    "Is there not a certain comfort in the rot and the ruin?"


    However, an audible laugh escapes the vessel of the Priestess as she comes upon the illustration. She jests, to none but the Spirit, "O, my dear Harhold. How the shoe does seem to be upon the other foot!"
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    subscription... spare subscription...

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