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    January 9th, 309

    A Violet Order member is condemned to a stasis pod, whether business owners should be held accountable for criminals in their business is discussed, and taxes are raised.

    Motion brought forth by Tirioc Mionther.


    A guard intervention during a public celebration at a city tavern among the people. Supposedly, the Guard identified Vampires in the audience of the celebration.

    The business owner maintains they neither knew there were Vampires present, and could not reasonably have even known, as the job of a public establishment owner like that is to tend to the entertainment of all guests, not perform race and aberrant. Thus the casus for debate:

    Should business owners be held responsible for illegal individuals or criminals being present at their establishment. Either knowingly, or unknowingly, and if yes or no, should the same thing apply to private property.​

    RESULT: 14 votes against. 2 votes invalid. 5 votes in favor.

    Proposal raised by Cinna Eledwhen.

    CONTEXT: Camilla di Caitagna, a Violet Order member, was trapped in a stasis pod within the facility.

    MOTION: The immediate re-sealing of the Meraic excavation site, albeit with something that could reasonably be used to warn future generations of what lies within should it ever be uncovered again.

    RESULT: 12 votes in favor of immediate closure, 3 votes in favor of closing after the guard is saved, 3 votes in favor keeping it open. 5 votes invalid. The guard is consigned as lost in action, the digsite will be closed forthright.

    Proposal raised by Abelhard Latimer.

    MOTION: A minimum 50% draft rate of both ships and soldiers.

    RESULT: 18 Votes in favor. 0 Invalid. 5 Against. The vote passes. Taxes and conscription are set Archipelago wide at 50%.


    January 24th, 309

    The Lord Chancellor expresses an intent to step down following the Sendrassian Conflict’s end, Tirioc Mionther implores the Assembly to address Talea’s revival, Hengest Harhold leaves the Assembly after being called on his past traitorous activities.

    Proposal raised by Lord Commander Viggo Sorenvik.

    CONTEXT: There is a festering water pit, stagnant and completely cut off from the rest of the canal, located just between the prison and the Cafe Maria.

    MOTION: That the Assembly will find a way to allow the water to flow once more, or even fill said pit.

    RESULT: Motion rendered null. The water is given flow by feed tubes.

    Proposal raised by Tirioc Mionther.


    I am presenting a legal issue with the state's interpretation of Racial Rights, as clarified by Racial Law. This problem mostly arises from the concept of displaced, suspended, or soul evaluated exchanged racial status. Let me draw examples:

    The Emperor has declared an Isldar's soul to be Ailor, but the body is still Isldar. A mage who is capable of inhabiting the bodies of others to survive has an Altalar soul, but inhabits a Kathar body. A mage who is capable of merging with another person is Ailor, but merges with an Isldar body. Now there are two identities and two people inside this body.

    The law does not recognize whether the racial ban on military participation for Isldar is based on biology, or racial identity. I ask the Assembly to clarify their stance, on whether Racial Law applies to the visual identity of the body, or whether it is applied to the soul.

    And secondly, if it is applied to the soul, in how far that soul being displaced to another body or even sharing a body causes the interpretation of the law to change, because if the law was followed to the letter, our Lord Chancellor would be banned from participating in military meetings and conduct.​

    1. Rule by status of Soul, which is defined at birth. Only the Emperor may make exceptions. If Race at birth is defined at immigration, we accept the loss of those who lie on immigration papers.
    2. Rule by status of Body, period.
    3. Rule by status of Body, except if a prior Body was known, in which case this one applies. Then create a board or office for Racial Status Exemption Applications."

    RESULT: Option 1: 13, Option 2: 0, Option 3: 8 Invalid: 0. With this in mind, Jared Bancroft is of Ailor identity. Countess Valarosta is Kathar in soul, but protected by her titleage from state law consequences.

    Proposal raised by Madelyn de Azcoissia.

    MOTION: A Government Approved Mutations application centre, and for the infliction of Aberrancy to be illegal only if its unwilling.

    RESULT: 12 In favor. 0 Invalid. 6 against. The unwilling clause is added and the Assembly temporarily legalizes infecting willing Vampirism.

    Proposal raised by Madelyn de Azcoissia.

    MOTION: It is illegal to be infected with, or infect another with, any form of Occult, save for the Northern Taint.

    RESULT: The Assembly deferred to the Emperor’s wisdom, and as such no official vote was held. In summary the following happened:
    • A City Ordinance was created for Regalia where only the Arcane Ministry may clear businesses and organizations to apply Aesthetic and visual Mutations or Magic induced appearance changes.
    • Low Law 10 now states it is illegal to be infected or infect another with any form of Occult, save for Northern Taint.
    • A legal injunction will be held so those who have already applied these will not be prosecuted (for the time being).
    • Within a week, the Emperor will hold an audience where groups of Occult status may appeal for exceptions. The list of exceptions will be set by Imperial decree.
    January 25th, 309

    News of Talea’s rise from slumber has reached the Empire after our Military and informants were thoroughly ensconced in local conflict, and with this information comes worry. Not only does the Empire have a centralized power to contend with, formed around a long thought dead Monarch, the very body that makes up our government contains Nelfin whose ties are now being brought into question.

    During the January 24th Assembly as Nelfin members in attendance were offered the opportunity to make statements. A general Assembly for all entitled members to make their opinion known is scheduled in the future.

    There has, naturally, been quite a lot of fervor across the Peerage regarding the news of what may amount to a second Allorn Empire, near overnight, arising. This has not been ignored by the State, nor the Military. The Military Cabinet will reconvene formally within a few days, and have discussed the matter at length, since it became public knowledge.

    Preparations shall be made, but hysteria will not be entertained. The Foreign Cabinet drafts plans to deal with the current political reality, in a way that may avoid large scale conflict and avoid the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives.

    Preparations shall be made, but hysteria will not be entertained. And indeed, there will be debate and whisperings, as we fight on in the Sendrassian Conflict, about whether we ought to respond with hostility or tenative openness to the political reality with the Allorn. But let me be clear. Preparations shall be made, but hysteria will not be entertained.

    I, Tirioc Menhaal Mionther Bel-Antaal Solleria-Athentol, serving as Reeve of the Regalian Capital, am born in the Regalian Empire, a natural Regalian Citizen. But I also consider myself an Allorn Citizen by birthright. Furthermore, I support the Allorn Empire's claim to Daenshore, and all connected territories up to the Border Jungle with Ithania, the Elvellen lands, and Andois and Visois Principalities, in a peaceful transition.

    I do not support conflict between either of my Empires, and will do my best to be fair to both, and seek diplomatic solutions to conflicts that will inevitably arise. But should war come, then my loyalty lies with my birth land, which is Solleria, and I will follow whatever the Sol of Athentol decrees, who takes his steps from the Duchess Avalleia.

    That is my declaration of intent.

    I, Sol Aley Vivanaláryna Fëallora Bel Ant Avalla Loseia, am also born in the Regalian Empire, and therefore a Regalian Citizen. Likewise, I as well consider myself an Allorn Citizen by birthright. As well.

    I would support the Allorn Empire's claim to Tanaar Minaëlle and Thellassia, were that claim to be exercised by entirely peaceful and fair means. I would not support its claims anywhere else. And I would not support them were they to be exercised through use of force, intimidation, or otherwise unwilling movement of territories from our Empire to theirs. Should conflict come, I am Sollerian above everything else, and will stand by the oaths my ancestors swore, to fight alongside the Empire.

    That is my declaration of intent.

    I, Sol Tethrathel Avalleia Bel Ant Solleria-Malnaeia, consider myself to be an Allorn Citizen, and by circumstance a citizen of the Regalian Empire as well. For the time being, I have chosen after observation of the actions of those around me in regards to this recent news to support the Allorn Empire in their claim to Daenshore, as well as all the connected territories that do in fact lead toward the Border jungle with Ithania, the Elvellen lands, as well as the Andois and Visois principalities.

    As it currently stands, I do wish for this transition to happen in as peaceful a manner as possible. Yet, were such circumstances to come about in which this transition was not in fact peaceful, I would recuse myself from the Military Cabinet, and whilst I will follow the path of the Sol Aley, I will not make any efforts toward aiding either party in this affair.

    I, Countess Eponia Lindara Eledhwen, were born in Ostieremark, and raised in the Regalian Empire within the ranks of the Lion Pelt of Order. While I am of Allorn descent, I sworn myself to the service of the Lion Pelt Order and the Regalian Empire.

    I support the claims the Allorn Empires claims to the lands of Tanaar Minaelle and Thellassia should those claims be peaceful, but not those of Ithania and Daenshore.

    I, Abelhard Latimer, Count of Athos, do not consider myself an Allorn Citizen, as I find the concept of that hag Talea and their hedonist altalar princedoms claim over the Ularen wastes to be preposterous. I support the return of Thellasia and Minaelle to avoid war, as to prevent loss of Ailor life. I will commit to my oaths as an Admiral of the Regalian Navy, and serve faithfully, and further the Great Unionist way.

    I, Countess Valarosta Ino-Femunn, consider myself a loyal Regalian Citizen and have absolutely no love nor loyalty to the Allorn people nor their Empire. As such, I reject all claims of the Second Allorn Empire and will stand, firmly, with the Regalian Empire and will serve as General in the Cabinet should we come to war.

    January 7th, 309

    Owing to some managerial dispute, The Steak Estate was set aflame by members of the Playero family. Purportedly, none of the House’s members are on the Estate’s payroll and as such their plans for “industrial action” can be construed as nothing more than thinly veiled arson.

    Eloi Playero has since been banned for signing off on the fake Steak Estate Worker’s Council and the family has been publicly punished at Greygate for crimes both related and unrelated.

    December 30, 309

    House Mac Conall called the Goretaan Throng leader Quin to Court to answer for the charges of assault, theft and piracy but walked away nearly empty-handed at the trial’s conclusion.

    The Panel of Peers found Lord Goretaan guilty of theft and innocent on all other charges, due to lack of evidence of these claims brought against him. As a result their sentence was for Lord Goretaan to return the full seventeen-thousand regals stolen to the merchants directly, not House von Duerr.

    They also sentenced Lord Goretaan to spend four days in a noble cell in Greygate to reflect on these actions, as a robbery against humble merchants not attached to a rival House is beneath anyone of noble standing.

    The Great council found Baron Goretaan guilty of theft and innocent of all other charges. The Baron spent four days in a Noble Cell and was required to pay what he stole plus additional 10% interest to the merchants he wronged.

    by Myriddin the Diviner


    Sewing Class For All
    Join us on the 2nd of February at 6pm for a fun little evening of sewing classes. This will be hosted at the Alms Ministry and aims to bring together everyone who wishes to learn this important skill. Most are welcome, but if you wish to cause trouble, you will be kicked out.

    Silverlight Den Opening Night

    Official opening night for the new location of the Silverlight Den, offering a wide variety of drinks, food, and desserts from locales across Aloria.

    Heartstricken Fencing Tournament
    Ser Florian of House Peirgarten calls you to action this coming lover’s day; a tournament to determine the best of the best within the world's most passionate and captivating sport, Leutz-fencing. The esteemed peerage, aristocracy, knights, commoners and all-around fencing fanatics are invited to spectate this gripping display of physical excellence and honor as Regalia's finest fencers compete to prove their worth.

    Changes to guard operations, the revival of the Allorn Empire, and petty squabbles between the Undercity’s more militaristic factions.

    Have something you wish to say and no one to pen it to? Write in to have your writing posted alongside our articles. Write-ins should be no longer than 350 words, but exceptions can be made for compelling stories!

    We accept academic papers, opinion pieces, and whatever else may strike your fancy.


    SUBSCRIPTIONS @canaaa @FeralGayWalnut @TonyBones @NebulaePrimo @bwmwags3 @BiBiBirdie @JResurrected @AtticCat @Farly108 @BluKnight10 @Lutowski @Iyyiushi @MrNoot1 @MippyMoo @SaltyLikeTheSea @Nirnro0t @HereticTakao @Greys_n @yamiya @Ampers07

    A little shorter this month. I’m also trying out some new formatting.

    If you plan on writing in please send me a message on or before the 21st of each month to ensure it ends up in that month’s release, otherwise you may not see it until the following month. I’m not going to say no to a submission because I would appreciate some Player Participation™.

    Below is the general process for getting all this information, if you were curious for whatever reason.

    EDIT: Added the logo because I forgot it again.

    The Assembly recaps are more or less transcribed from what was said during the Assemblies using screenshots and notes taken during it. Think court clerk, but instead of using shorthand language I have to check multiple out of order screenshots to find things. Sometimes I miss stuff. Everything else I get through roleplay or by reading Everything people post on the forums.

    I scraped this month’s advertisements from the ooc-notice-board channel in Discord. Custom advertisements still require talking to me in-character, but I figured I might as well experiment with how to make graphics by using what people already posted.

    On Strike
    Address Of The Ivory Company

    Justice for Eloi
    Open Letter To The Crookback Representative
    Playero - An Apology

    1. I was at the assembly.
    2. Mirrors From The West
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    A particular Pisces aligned Viridian frowned at her horoscope. She leaned over and carefully lit another candle.
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    Great work once again. Full of comprehensible information while still to the point—brings you up to speed with what's going on while making it interesting at the same time.
    Always such a delight to read, keep it up and thanks a ton!
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    A certain Fansho Burch sits down to read the Sunday Scratch with a smile- and pauses when he comes across his own name in the paper.

    ".. Oh! Hey, they've written about my notice for gems! That's good, I still want more.

    He pauses for a beat, before muttering to himself.

    ".. I wish I had known the word 'jeweler' when I put the request out... Oh well, I'm sure there's no possible way to mistake what I had meant!
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    A certain Aries aligned Bloodcast looked toward the horoscope, letting out a scoff, a grin creeping on his visage at the thought. Nevertheless, he'd continue on with his day, keeping that in mind.
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    Novellia Reinard av Fristadvlom read over the paper in her home, near the fire. She had papers stacked around her along with notebooks. "Not bad. A good recap and catch-up for those past weeks. I do hope there'll be more." She took some pen and parchment. She started to write down a letter of subscription.

    "Hmn.. Maybe I should write about adding a small folklore story section someday? That might be fun."
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