The Sunday Scratch | Extra Issue #4: The Lich Lord Strikes

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    The Lich Lord Strikes
    By Myridden the Diviner — August 21st, 309

    The Lich Lord of the Undercity has long bemoaned the inaction of the covens and singular vampiric entities in the backwater he calls home, and it is he who has once again taken matters into his own skeletal hands. We were met with a vision late into the evening on Wednesday, and with our second sight we saw the unthinkable. The Lich Lord had cast his foul magics and twisted the minds of his followers further and sent them into a frenzy, and from there they did his dirty work. Every bite and every wipe of bloodied claw sung true. Every head that rose opened eyes incarnadine.

    The Sanguine curse worsened, and with the sacrosankt in the Salvation Temple of God Empress Ness no more we see no immediate end to this foul plague. Take solace in your safe houses. Protect yourselves with the powers you know and deny the powers you do not. Reach deep within and gather your strength to see beyond surface level machinations and divine the true cause of this nightmare—the powers that be; an Arken, chromed and alabaster. Griffen, who has made his appearance in Regalia thrice and each time wrought or brought destruction that fanned out in his wake.

    Saturday evening he sat atop the wall dividing New Crookback and the Violet governed streets and hurled abuse and ridicule at those below. It was a warning, and one that went unheeded when a black orb was hurled into those assembled. The ground beneath them blackened and so too did their hearts. Those touched turned on their fellows, and those left were forced to fend for themselves or be twisted in the ensuing volley.

    The Lich Lord, opportunist that he is, benefitted from the Arken’s boredom. While powers beyond understanding were cast about into groups of guards and nobility at the New Crookback checkpoint, Xilthruum waited. When the first retreat was sounded and those still free of the gift ran to Greygate for safety, he waited. When the walls turned to flesh and the nobility were in threat of drowning, terrified and sobbing in the dark, he waited. When there was a mob amassed outside, ready and willing to combat what appeared to be a measly group of vampires at Greygate’s front, he waited.

    Griffen struck first and the Lich Lord second. The ground shook. The sky darkened. Those still alive to look craned their heads up and saw their destruction arriving in new form. He won. He won, and he has laid claim to Greygate.


    TL;DR: Vampires, bro. Dread Fort in the sky.
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