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    The air is warm and the sun is shining, that must mean that summer is finally here! And with summer comes the long-awaited Summer Festival!

    Are you excited to feel the sand between your toes? We hope so! The long expanses of Rothberg’s beautiful beaches will be open for your exploration and the water will be warm enough to take a swim. Take it easy with an ice-cold lemonade under the shade of an umbrella with a few friends!


    Many exciting activities will start June 1st and continue through June 15th, from Roleplay to PvP. There’s bound to be something for everyone!


    Throughout the city of Rothberg, vendor quests will be making a comeback! These interactive stations will allow you to purchase items for regals. There will also be a daily fishing quest that you’ll definitely want to get in on!

    We will also be hosting a Summer Festival PvP event. Truly, this is the test of who possesses the greatest swordsmanship! Boast your pride and fight with honor!

    If you happen to feel that you need your hair fixed or your makeup done for the Summer Festival, there will be booths open to do so! The ever-so-talented Bunemma and Scribbe will whip out their finest brushes and pixels to help accentuate your natural beauty so that you can feel at your very best.

    See you there!

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