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    The 2017 Summer Festival opens on June 23rd at 3PM CST!

    This time, it’s extra magical!


    Join MassiveCraft’s creative staff as they host various smaller events as the gateway to Magic Island opens for the entire server. Join the entire MassiveCraft community in exploring the newest plugin, MassiveMagic! Players will get access to various spells so they can start casting! New spells and parts of the island will unlock piece by piece, so that your magical education can last all summer long!

    Magic Island is a quest island designed to help you learn all about MassiveMagic. Explore the town, dive into ruins, run through the trees of a druidic camp, attend The Academy to learn all those magical phrases that will enable you to fully use MassiveMagic to it’s highest potential.


    June 23rd
    Join us at 9pm GMT, 4pm EST for the Grand Opening!

    /tp magicisland

    Have a Magically Massive Day!
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