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    MassiveCraft Competition
    The Sorcerer's Apprentice

    In celebration of the continued release of MassiveMagic, we want to see the best magical workshop you can create! Whether it's a survival enchantment room, or a MassiveMagic training ground! Show us where you Magicians and Enchantresses practice the art!​

    The Rules:

    Your build cannot be larger than one creative plot.
    Team building is not allowed.
    All builds must be submitted in this thread with coords/plot name by 7/20/17.

    1st Place: 400 Regals
    2nd Place: 300 Regals
    3rd Place: 200 Regals

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Discussion in 'Massive Competitions' started by SpunSugar, Jul 6, 2017.

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    1. CptSilvyrall
    2. Johto_Jo
      eeeek i kinda wanna take part :O
    3. Boogjangels
      Can we make a submission for something that was built prior to this contest being made?
    4. Conflee
      Im 100% taking part. Got ton of work done last night :3
    5. Jouster
      Coordinates: x: -4488, y: ???, z: -4634

      Mystery shrouds many landmarks in the world of Aloria. Some, unavailable to reach to.

      An archmage sets foot onto what seemed like a rather mystical mountain. Which, upon further inspection, seemed to be his or her training grounds.


      Sometime later, the mage makes their way to the training ground. Elemental water sprouting from his hands as the liquid floated above him. A sight to see, really.


      After his meditation with water magic had been fulfilled, he moved onto a more destructive form of magic. Fire. Specifically, fireballs! This archmage is rather skilled, as you can note the several charred holes made in the ground beside the archmage.


      Meditating once more, it seems that this cherry blossom tree you might have noticed in the previous images has some significance. The bewildering magenta-like elements floating about the tree and the pathway earlier seem to have some sort of force with them.


      A general view as we leave the archmage's home. A grand place, really. Full of interesting things that most do not know about.

    6. Snore
      xyz: -4099/89/2352



    7. Conflee

      Coordinates: 2217 , 72 , -3059
      Description: This is a small enclave for a mage and her apprentice, secluded in the woods many miles from the nearest town. Surrounding the small valley are rolling hills covered in tall birch trees. Within, a rough pathway leads to the small house, with its somewhat haphazard roof, inside a small kitchen, shelves lined with hundreds of books, and two cot. Outside, several gardens grow with various herbs and vegetables, for alchemical and cooking uses. Underneath a worn canopy is a separate work space, with crates of dried herbs and a magic circle for casting.
      2017-07-07_22.27.16.png 2017-07-07_22.27.28.png 2017-07-07_22.27.33.png 2017-07-07_22.27.41.png 2017-07-07_22.27.46.png 2017-07-07_22.27.52.png 2017-07-07_22.28.03.png 2017-07-07_22.28.08.png 2017-07-07_22.28.15.png 2017-07-07_22.28.21.png 2017-07-07_22.28.32.png 2017-07-07_22.28.45.png 2017-07-07_22.29.12.png
    8. Riley0628
      Plot: -40;36
      Owner: Tom0628 (my brother's) but we did not work together, I did switch between the accounts for poses and forgot to switch back and ended up building on his account on accident.
      Actors: Huge thanks to Svana and Hannahlikeapuma (as well as my brother for letting me use his account)
      2017-07-07_23.29.21.png 2017-07-08_00.56.38.png 2017-07-08_02.05.15.png 2017-07-08_02.31.53.png 2017-07-08_02.32.31.png 2017-07-08_02.32.40.png 2017-07-08_02.34.10.png 2017-07-08_02.35.47.png 2017-07-08_02.37.44.png
    9. UselessReptile98

      Thank you so much for having us, these photos look amazing! I love them all <3
    10. Svana
      Love them!
    11. Eucindiel
      Jouster, how the heck did you get the leaf blocks in the tree to go pink?
    12. Jouster
      I'll tell you after the competition is over. ;D
    13. BlueChaos
      I saw this competition and thought.. " Maybe my wizard can be placed into this.. " Well here he is. If you are wanting an up close and personal level, you can find him inside the creative world at -54, -2967 or ID: 0;-40
    14. Nudibronch
      Coordinates: -1942 65 -468

      Deep within the jungle lies a lonesome sorcerer, spending his days conjuring mystical potions and uttering verses of great destruction.

      Your blistered hands are aching. It seems it's been hours since you began tugging on the oars, traversing the thin river of water that seemed to lead to nowhere. But-- Look!

      Is something there? I think so too!

      Docking your boat, you begin to explore the grounds. Although your eyes are glued to the house, some unseen force wills your legs to carry you up the main steps. Peeking inside, your nose crinkles as you the fumes of some malignant potion wash over you.

      After inspecting the interior, you descend the main stairwell. And-- Is that a person? No. It's a training dummy!

      Heading around to the second walled off section, another scent begins to permeate around you, though it's much more pleasant. Even a deranged old sorcerer needs to eat!

      Suddenly, a chthonic cackle fills your ears. Time to go! Despite your fear, your tremulous fingers move with surprising dexterity, unhooking your small raft in a matter of seconds. Hopping inside, you drag on the oars with fierce desperation. As you float away from the sorcerer's dwelling, the odd guffaws seem to ebb away into complete silence. Maybe the noise was just a product of your imagination. Maybe this little hut tucked near the river actually belongs to an old coot who simply wishes to fuel the legend of sorcery.

      Or maybe it was happening all in your head.

      "Of course it is happening inside of your head. But why on earth should that mean it's not real?"

    15. Mojaven
      This is awesome!
    16. BlueChaos
      Thanks :)
    17. AlysaPotato
      wish I was good at building
    18. Riley0628
      When will get the results?
    19. SpunSugar
      I'm going to wait until midnight tonight for any last submissions, then probably within three to four days.
    20. Conflee
      Much excite many wows
    21. SpunSugar

      The Winners:

      1st Place: @Jouster
      2nd Place: @BlueChaos
      3rd Place: @Riley0628

      Congratulations to everyone who participated! Keep watching for our next competition, being posted this week!
    22. Jouster

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