Player Progression Story The Runaway Maiden

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    OOC note: This Progression was written as part of the Combat System, linked here. This post pertains to the activities of The Pavisa Order. Those interested to partake in this roleplay in future missions should seek out the Order to offer assistance in roleplay, to fully partake in future posts.
    The daughter of a Gallovian Count, unwilling to accept her fate of being married to a widowed baron had recently gone on the run, rumoured to have eloped with a lowborn Bloodcast knight from the local area. This bold act had not gone without consequences, and the aggrieved parties had set a bounty for the knight, either dead or alive. Bounty hunters that had tried to claim his head had either turned up dead or severely wounded. With this great embarrassment, the Count had instead asked for a group that could ‘rescue’ the eloping maiden and have her returned to her father. Quick to respond to the call, The Pavisa Order sought out the Gallovian Count to seek out any further information useful to finding and retrieving the Count’s daughter and capturing her lover for judgement by the Count himself, rather than choosing to kill the Bloodcast instead.

    The Count, although overwhelmingly distressed by his daughters actions, provided a strong lead as he ordered one of his own sworn knights who knew the Bloodcast to tell the group where he believed the Bloodcast had gone. While drinking together, the Bloodcast had told the knight he would take the maiden to The Prancing Pony, an Inn about half a day north of the Count’s estate. Upon arriving The Pavisa Knights approached and questioned the Innkeeper, whom told them a Bloodcast and his female company had stayed over the night before, though he had not seen them yet today. As the sun set the group decided to hunker down for the night, paying for their cots to serve for a short sleep through the night.

    After waking up early in the morning, The Pavisa Knights headed outside with their weapons to quickly throw back some cheap breakfast stew on the old wooden benches out front, planning to suit up and continue on afterward. It was then that the main door of the Inn swung open, a fully-plated Bloodcast, his maiden and the Innkeeper emerging from within. The Innkeeper pointed in the direction of the Pavisas, and with a grunt and a nod of the head the Bloodcast began marching forward. Corjah dei Termini, Camilla Moreno, Valentino dei Callegari, Constanzo dei Fierdo and Benito dei Nicastro stood up bewildered and surprised as their opponent paused ten feet before them.
    “If it is my Bounty that you seek, then it is your grave you shall find!” the Bloodcast proudly exclaimed, resting his hand upon the pommel of his sword as his cape fluttered softly in the breeze. The Count’s daughter blushed, though shook her head, murmuring under her breath for the Bloodcast to stand down and run away from the danger with her.
    “We have come to retrieve the Count’s daughter, and bring her home where you will stand trial for your transgressions.” Corjah responded, remaining wary as he stood unarmed in front of the imposing suit of armor.
    “Then you shall stand trial... In front of death!” the Bloodcast had hesitated, stuttering over his words for a quick moment before finishing with a horrible facade of confidence in his one-liner.
    “No! Don’t you harm my beau!” the young woman whimpered aloud. The knight, in another attempt to protect their love and impress his maiden, stepped forth and drew his sword on the group.

    With no time to lose Corjah immediately began attempting to organize his band of knights, but to no avail; the Maestro’s voice was hoarse from a cold he had caught the other day, and his commands came out unintelligible. Regardless, the runaway knight continued to move forward, shield front. As the other Pavisas took the spare moment to evaluate the situation, Benito knocked an arrow and fired upon the knight’s legs. Swiftly, the knight shifted his shield down allowing the tip of the arrow to wedge into the linden wood, protecting the knight at the cost of a small chip of his wooden buckler. As he finally closed the distance between himself and the Pavisas, the knight jabbed his sword forward toward his closest opponent, Constanzo. Prepared for the knight’s approach, Constanzo dove to the right and away from the incoming crossfire as Benito, readied with his spear, took the opportunity to reel back his arm and cast his spear toward the runaway knight’s leg.

    Thankfully for the knight, the spear grazing off the three-plate-greave saved his shin from impalement, setting up his retaliation upon Benito specifically. With two steps forward and a powerful swing of the knight’s sword, Benito received a gash on his left shoulder, deep enough it would take a fortnight to fully heal. Constanzo, although close enough to enact a quick counter-attack after having dodged the knight’s jab, found his arm grasped by the Count's daughter, screaming frantically as she attempted to pull the man away from her lover. Valentino, however, tightly grasped his stave with two hands, jabbing at the knight’s torso which was skillfully shielded by the knight’s linden buckler.

    Likewise, Valentino brought forward his own shield as the knight moved to bash with his buckler, though nevertheless the force sent Valentino stumbling back into the dirt. Corjah, who had been watching the scene unravel as he awaited his chance to strike, lunged forward to knock the knight off balance. Thankfully, due to Camilla’s diverse combat knowledge of not only archery, but unarmed combat as well, her assistance in swiping at the knight’s feet successfully sent the knight falling over into the dirt, his heavy plate-armor pinning him to the ground on its own. With the knight incapacitated, the Pavisas made short work of removing his armor and restraining him with rope.

    The Count's daughter, whom sat sobbing in grass as her lover was detained, surrendered herself to the Pavisas guidance back to Gallovia. During her journey home, the saddened damsel made numerous foul comments towards The Pavisa Knights’ lack of bodycare being ‘unlike the stories of brave handsome knights’, though seemed to enjoy the group’s cultural collection of Dressolini musical skill. Upon returning the daughter and handing over the Bloodcast, The Pavisa Knights humbly declined the bounty put upon the Bloodcast’s head, gaining instead the respect of the Count and the honor of their deed...

    Following the trail of the lovers
    Hunting Knowledge / Perception
    Corjah - Roll 1 100 = 50
    Camilla - Roll 1 100 = 37
    Valentino - Roll 1 100 = 65
    Costanzo - Roll 1 100 = 58
    Benito - Roll 1 100 = 99
    Does the Count give them a lead? 1 no 2 yes, Roll 1 2 = 2 , yes
    How accurate/useful is the lead? Roll 1 100 = 94, pretty flippin useful

    Combat (Quest Level HARD, Knights Roll Max is HIGH)
    Corjah’s overall Command of the group - Roll 1 120 = 11 (Cold given, affecting voice)
    The Knight approaches, do they initiate long range attacks?
    Corjah no, Camilla no, Valentino no, Constanzo no, Benito yes
    Benito shoots an arrow for the knights knee - Roll 1 110 = 16
    The Knight uses his shield to block - Roll 1 150 = 138
    The arrow plunges into his shield, the knight has approached, who does he engage first?
    1 Corjah, 2 Camilla, 3 Valentino, 4 Constanzo, 5 Benito - Roll 1 5 = 4, Constanzo
    The Knight attacks Constanzo with his Shortsword - Roll 1 150 = 29
    Constanzo attempts to dodge - Roll 1 105 = 81
    Constanzo successfully moves out of the way, allowing another pavisa the opportunity to strike
    1 Corjah, 2 Camilla, 3 Valentino, 4 Benito - Roll 1 4 = 4, Benito
    Benito has prepared his spear, and attacks the Knights legs - Roll 1 105 = 50
    How badly is the knight affected? - Roll 1 150 = 125
    The spear grazes the knights leg armor, he attacks Benito in retaliation - Roll 1 150 = 23
    Benito defends himself - Roll 1 105 = 11, Benito is lightly injured, the Knight is open for another
    1 Corjah, 2 Camilla, 3 Valentino - Roll 1 3 = 3, Valentino
    Valentino steps forward with his stave, attacking legs - Roll 1 104 = 62
    The Knight - Roll 1 150 = 104
    The jab misses, the Knight retaliates, bashing Valentino with his shield - Roll 1 150 = 81
    Valentino defends with their own shield - Roll 1 104 = 60, Valentino is knocked down
    1 Corjah, 2 Camilla - Roll 1 2, Corjah attempts to tackle the knight - Roll 1 100 = 92
    Does the knight withstand? - Roll 1 150 = 87, the knight just stumbles back, Camilla approaches
    Camilla engages in unarmed combat -Roll 1 115 = 22, can knight defend -Roll 1 150 = 3, barely
    The knight falls to the ground, dropping his sword and shield.

    Is the Count's daughter attracted to any of the Knights?
    No Bodycare Points at all, she’s disgusted
    She enjoys the groups Dressolini music, though

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