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    The Privy Office
    By declaration of the Lord Chancellor Madelyn de Azcoissia, the Privy Office has been created to appoint a governmental official who will work solely for targeting major issues within the Regalian Empire. These issues are to be located and brought to the attention of the Lord Chancellor and the Ministries so solutions can be obtained.

    The rights of the Privy Office are to:
    • The right to attend Ministerial Meetings;
    • The right to hold office meetings with those seeking an audience with the Lord Chancellor;
    • The right to act in a secretarial position to any Ministry;
    • The right to inquire into bureaucratic matters with the Crown and Bureaucracy with approval from the Lord Chancellor.
    With these rights outlined, this forum should remain open as a station for the current Privy Officer and future ones to extend their ideas, projects, and successes underneath a formalized file.

    Registry of Privy Officers

    First Privy Officer, Grand Duchess Hera Jehanne van Hal
    Second Privy Officer, …


    [OOC Note: Please do not post on this thread unless you are the Privy Officer.]
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    First Privy Officer

    Appointed on the 15th of July 309 AC, Grand Duchess Hera Jehanne van Hal was granted the title
    of Privy Officer underneath the de Azcoissia Chancellery.
    Mission Statement

    With this position, Officer van Hal focuses on assisting the Regalian Government with organization, paperwork, and overall keeping the ministries running smoothly despite bumps in the road. Research into imperial issues and crises remain as temporary goals when the situation arises.

    Current Crisis/Project:

    Previous Crisis:
    Researching and stopping the spread of the Regalian Blight, which started within the Province of Shattel. The research stems off of that done by the late Ministry of Academia and the Shattel Agricultural Support Committee. [RESOLVED]

    Privy Office Reports

    Report I | Released the 16th of July 309 AC. [BLIGHT: UPDATE]
    Report II | Released the 20th of August 309 AC. [BLIGHT: UPDATE]
    Report III | Released the 18th of November 309 AC. [BLIGHT: CONCLUSION]
    Report IV |

    Privy Office Staff & Assistants

    Privy Secretary Emery Houle
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