The Paper Dragonfly - A Grand Re-opening

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    On January 25th, the Paper Dragonfly will once more open its doors to the public. Now a beautiful teahouse, much like what you would find in the lands the Sihai call home, we invite you to enjoy a day of tea, drinks, and to celebrate the Sihai culture.

    The venue will be The Paper Dragonfly, on Main Street. /tp spawn (but we’ll see if we can get an rp event tp set up!)

    Everyone is invited, regardless of social class. Please come prepared to be respectful, and willing to try new food and drink!


    OOC Information

    > What: The re-opening of the teahouse, the Paper Dragonfly! We’ll have food, drinks, and a few performances, all meant to celebrate Sihai culture, and learning new things.

    > Who: Everyone is invited! Sihai are especially invited.

    > When: January 25th, 5 PM CST/6 PM EST.

    >Where: The Paper Dragonfly (/tp spawn, first shop on right. Might have a special tp when the event starts, we’ll see).
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