The New Crookback Alchemist Guild

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    Founded by Master Alchemists Jean Dupree and Hanz Rosenguart of Genevaud.

    "Jean Dupree once told me Alchemy is not just a hobby or a job, it's a way of life. We are the stepping stones to creating a better, brighter future for us in New Crookback." -Hanz Rosenguart


    The New Crookback Alchemist Guild is a Guild dedicated to researching Alchemy and practising it in a reserved and safe space for the alchemist, while offering jobs and opportunities for its members. Our Head Alchemists have made it their mission, In New Crookback, to Serve everyday citizens with their Alchemy and teachings.

    The guild is divided up into six ranks. These ranks show off the alchemists skill and knowledge in the art and provide opportunities
    to grow and obtain a higher rank, through handwork and devotion. The members will also gain access to the Guild house and one of two Barracks, where they can stay and form a sense of brotherhood with the fellow Alchemists of the guild.

    The Ranks from Highest to Lowest.
    Master Alchemist/ Steward (Gold and Silver): They don't have more knowledge, but they have more responsibility to train and guide the guild through leadership.
    Expert (Air): At this point the Alchemist has as much wisdom and guidance that the guild can give to them. They are free flowing and have the most knowledge in the guild.
    Adept (Earth): The earth is solid like the Adept. They have a solid foundation and have immense wisdom, but still have much to learn in the ways of Alchemy.
    Apprentice (Water): The fire and danger of the student has been extinguished, but like a flowing river they have not slowed their course and are still chaotic in some ways.
    Novice (Fire): The journey has begun and they have ignited their passion for alchemy, but like fire the skills are hard to control.
    Initiate (Salt): Just like the student, they are Inert and do not have wisdom and knowledge in Alchemy.

    The Guild is always open to new members seeking to find themselves in the practice of Alchemy.
    The Guild offers free lessons to the members of the guild and non members can attend their first lesson for free.
    We own The Antique Vial a shop located in Dark Emporium where you can get all your supplies and find out more about our guild.
    We carry out many jobs so just speak with us and we are sure we can help you with your every needs.


    (Join us today by sending a dm to (YoitsKing#7564) on Discord or sending a letter down below to Steward Hanz Rosenguart.)

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