The Mystery Of The Bay

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    The rolling waves off the coasts of Nottingham proved more problematic than one would imagine. According to recent reports, transport ships boasting the Kade standard have been pirated and scuttled, their copious shipment of food for the dense populations of Nottingham appearing to have been stolen. While no person in Nottingham went hungry for the following weeks due to emergency supplies, the people of northern Dragenthal maintained an air of worry.

    Within a few weeks following the queer incident, local fishermen and sailors found the missing shipment of food piled conveniently on the other side of the duchy, finding itself in an organized pile not a league from the urbanized center inland. Local administrative figures reported the food,"rather soggy, though still edible." The domestic mayors and barons still remained rather confused at the display and look to their leaders for clarification. Who would pirate a ship only to return the fare? Why? Was this some convoluted power-play or just a simple strange happening?

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    The crisp afternoon air of Nottingham settled amongst the members of the Red Palace, much had occurred in recent weeks that had brought much confusion to the denizens of the Red family. The recent shipping incidents were a confusion for the general public, as such the Red family spared no expense in offering clarity for its subjects. Stepping from a high balcony of the palace itself, the Grand Duke and Duchess exited to a decorous fanfare from within the building to take position above the ground below.

    As the processional fanfare continued the couple took the time to wave gently in a wafting motion toward the subjects that were gathered below. Having stated that the Red family were making a speech to clarify the incidents of piracy within their waters the turnout was quite obviously high. The general need for clarity had clearly attracted swathes of citizens en masse to seek the answers that they so desired.

    It was quite noticeable that it was not only were the Grand Duke and Duchess present on the balcony, a gathering of clergy and lesser nobles were stood to the sides of the central group. Filling the space directly to the left and right of the two were the vassals of the House Red, seated in slightly decorated wooden chairs. The setup was quite purposeful, Yvette and Alistair had intended for the issue to be seen as one concerning all those within Nottingham, thus it made perfect sense to place all those tied to Nottingham’s wellbeing in view of the general populace. The Earl of Tuxford, was presently seated with the vassals of the House Red. Having been a commoner himself, the man’s presence surely eased the minds of the peasants within the realm of Nottingham, the ideals of the lower classes could hope to ring true within the words of the new Earl.

    The Earl Du Sablon and Sictor were also present at the event, they had been formally invited as vassals and as a display of unity between all the holdings within the Red’s lands it was most pleasant to see the two of them amicably filling such a role to the best of their abilities. Finally the fanfare came to a close and Alistair Ives Red tapped his dark wooden cane before stepping forward slightly to speak to the gathered people:

    “Gentry, Clergy, Men and Women of the lands of Nottingham, I come before you today to bring clarity to the events that occurred within our waters in recent weeks. As you will have undoubtedly been made aware, for a week our dear people of Nottingham were made to feed themselves using emergency supplies due to the unexpected piracy on Kade food shipments, this is unacceptable. Such acts of terror are not to be tolerated in these lands, we shall act as the swift and decisive force that topples the actions of these pirates.

    A direct attack has been made against our people, for which we will not stand, something must, and shall be done immediately. The situation before us is indeed odd, pirates ransack food supply vessels, but the food is returned a week later on our juxtaposed coastline. Unfortunately for the pirates involved this leaves a remarkably traceable pathway that must have been taken for this event to have occurred. In order for the pirate vessels to have moved their stolen property to our opposite coast they must have passed through only one of three sea passageways, hence we shall be writing to the members of each household to ascertain if any suspicious vessels passed through during the time in question.

    This event has given us much to think about in the ways of piracy and the safety and security of our vassals, it is our intention to discover the true nature behind the pirate acts within the waters of Nottingham, we are a strong and dignified people and we shall not be shaken by actions like this. Stand strong, stand together, stand as one peoples united!”

    As the speech was completed the quick applause and cheering from the common folk was a hopeful indication that the words had taken steps to easing the worries of the people of Nottingham, it was a large turnout of people and it appeared that even the working professions had taken time out of their busy days to attend. Both Alistair and Yvette were grateful to their citizens, they hoped that they would be able to form a strong bond with their people as time continued to pass.

    Given the stressful events that had occurred within the Red’s lands it was clear to Yvette and Alistair that something needed to be done, as such the two took the time to settle the crowd down again to announce that as per tradition the Harvest Festival would occur with much celebration and festivity to be had. Given all that had occurred they both stressed the importance of the Harvest Festival in its teaching for thankfulness in what one owned.

    Upon announcing that the Red family would indeed be hosting a festival within their lands the Grand Duke and Duchess then moved to reassure all those present that should the pirate actions persist the full blessing of House Red had been given to the White Faction to eliminate all pirates with extreme prejudice, as incentive Alistair announced that should the White Faction lead to the fall of piracy in the Nottingham waters following a continuation in pirate activities a number of monetary awards would be handed out as compensation for the continual service to better the lands of Nottingham.

    Finally, the Grand Duke and Duchess announced that an increase in storage capacities within the Nottingham lands would be called for. The people were dependant on the food shipments from the Kade lands and so by increasing reserves the two announced that all of the people in their realm would benefit as the common folk would have to worry less about a food shortage, the merchants should find themselves able to continue working and the White Faction may be reassured to know that a loss of productivity would not occur. Thus the stockpiling of larger amounts of emergency rations would come into immediate effect.

    Completing their announcements the Grand Duke and Duchess made their final thanks respectively to the members that had gathered before them, once the crowds began to disperse and return to their homes and workplaces the two returned back inside their home where they individually thanked both their vassals and the members of the White Faction who had been present.

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    What is even going on anymore, first Tristan's manor got climbed by a banana ninja then Nottingham is in for some convoluted pirate asshattery? The Phon is confused

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