The Long March

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    “While they lived. We were watching.”​

    The ground sung as the tower of the cathedral came crashing down. The earth split and out further poured forth the abominable corruption. A disease which converted stone to flesh, grass to disease, and water to bubbling lava. The rift split in twain and the longer it existed, the further its influence spread.

    “The hive has been discovered. We need more.”


    “While they fought. We were planning.”​

    The air heaved with spores which sprouted out of the burbling buboes. Flesh given form, slobbering bodies mutated beyond recognition and clamber out of the ground. Barriers erected and torn down time after time. All the while, they watched.

    “Slowly, carefully, you will all break.”


    “There is too much. Much too much.”​

    Troves of civilians lined the innards of the living interior within the hive. The heat beneath the ground rose as the infestation continues to spread. The crazed old man wrapped besides others felt his insides subsequently deteriorate, then replaced. Unmade, then granted the gift of flesh. So many eyes watching those who exist within the hive. Whilst the hunters did their duties on the streets.

    “We will tame this abomination of a world.”



    “This world is too much. The sensation is overwhelming.”​

    Day after day more are claimed, and the infestation spread. Greygate may be a bastion, but would it be enough for what is to come? The ground shook more and more each passing moment near the rift. The maw was opening further.



    “A bountiful harvest to cull.”


    Saturday the 14th@ 7:00 PM EST | 11:00 PM UK
    Location: Imperial Isle

    Everyone apart of server staff on this project wish to thank you for your participation thus far in the Clicker progression. There will be more to come soon! Stay safe.​
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    Looks amazing can't wait to participate!
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    Wow. Amazing, and terrifying I wonder how my character will react to this, and what scars it may leave?

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